As Girls Beat Each Other Bloody, Viewers Horrified By What’s In Background

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Girl fights caught on video seem to capture everyone’s attention, but a recent incident in the woods had something extra to offer. Come to find out, viewers of the viral video were left horrified to hear something that shouldn’t have been there – and it was in the background the entire time.

(Screenshot from footage of the fight)

Although it’s unclear exactly where the incident took place, reports indicate that the fight is believed to have occurred somewhere in the Southern states of America. As is too often the case these days, rather than try to keep the two girls separated, onlookers merely encouraged them and whipped out their cell phones to catch every moment on video.

Sure enough, spectators were able to do just that, but that’s not even the most shocking part. As heard in the video, there was something in the background the entire time – and it left some viewers downright disgusted:

A bizarre video has surfaced online showing two teen girls fighting in a wooded area while the parents of one of the teens watch nearby, cheering on their daughter as she fights.

Footage originally uploaded to World Star Hip Hop shows two teenage girls, a blonde and a brunette, in a fist fight while several people watch. Behind the camera are one of the scrappers’ parents, who shout and cheer on their daughter, encouraging her to beat the other teen. [Source: Opposing Views]

The two girls were allowed to ruthlessly beat each other bloody, all the while rolling around on the ground, pulling one another’s hair, and exchanging vile remarks. However, the worst came from the parents of the brunette girl named “Nikki” involved in the fight.

Telling their daughter to “f*cking beat” the other girl’s “a**,” the most vulgar comments came from the girl’s mother. “Don’t stop or I’m beatin’ yo a**,” the teen’s mother said. “You better not stop Nicole or I’m beatin’ yo a** plain and simple.”

Unfortunately, the worst was yet to come. Within just a few more moments, the foul-mouthed agitator of a mother could be heard talking about her daughter’s opponent, saying, “She ain’t done, she’s still f***ing talking. Still running that f***ing c*****cker like she does best.” The pitiful excuse for a mother even went so far as to order her daughter to “f*ck [the other girl] up for prom.”

As one would imagine, viewers were quick to share the video as they expressed disgust for the behavior of Nikki’s parents. Even worse, when the fight seemed to be over, the horrible duo forced their daughter to keep fighting by threatening her with violence even though it looked as though neither one wanted to continue.

This is disturbing on so many levels, and several people have called for the police to investigate. Kids do stupid things, but as adults, we’re expected to hold ourselves to a different set of standards.

Sadly, that can’t be said for these two morons who were dumb enough to conceive and pass their degenerate genes down to their unfortunate offspring. People should have to pass a test to have a child. Cases like this are where such a practice would prove to be beneficial.