Girls Heard Giggling On Video, People Sick When They See What They’re Doing

A group of three Florida teens thought that they were cute when they filmed themselves and shared the footage privately on Snapchat. They are heard giggling in what seemed like fun and games until viewers realized what they were watching and were absolutely sick of seeing it. Now, the three disgusting girls are in jail.

The home where the video was recorded (background); Screenshots of girls in the video (inset)

The social media app, Snapchat, has opened up a world of salacious possibilities, where users can post selfies and video that are immediately deleted within moments, so people can see all manner of things they’re doing but not save or share them with others. However, that privacy couldn’t protect a sick trio of three Nassau County teens, who thought they were being cute with the footage until somebody heard the “thump” and took a closer look at their twisted entertainment, which left them utterly horrified.

The girls, ages 13 to 14 years old, were presumably home alone at the time that they recorded their new use for the family pet. In the video that surfaced online, the girls are seen taking turns with a bunny, holding the pet by the neck and repeatedly beating it against the wall as they laugh, before taking it even a step further. reports that “a loud thump also is heard as the rabbit strikes the wall,” and at least one teenager tries to kick the bunny as the abused animal attempts to get away, while the girls giggled through the torture.

The video, which was posted to Snapchat, shows the rabbit held by the throat then thrown against the walls of a room several times. The teens can be heard giggling and laughing each time it hits. A loud thump also is heard as the rabbit strikes the wall. At least one teenager also appears to kick the bunny as it tries to escape, according to the video posted on a Nassau County community forum Facebook page.

An outraged citizen in their area got a copy of the video and posted it to an online community group, demanding that justice is served. Everyone agreed, including the police, and the girls were tracked down to the house where the footage was shot and the bunny had been abused. The pet was rescued from the twisted girls and taken in for evaluation, where it was discovered what else they had done to this small animal.

Girls Heard Giggling On Vid, People Sick When They See What They're Doing
Rescued bunny

An x-ray showed the rabbit suffered a leg fracture from the wall beating but was otherwise found to be safe after the ordeal, which was surprising, given all the teens did to it. The girls didn’t fare as well, as they were taken into a juvenile detention center in the town of Jacksonville on charges of animal cruelty.

There is something deeply disturbing about these three friends, who can find it funny to torture small animals and arrogantly film themselves doing it as if it’s cute. These crimes need to be taken seriously since it’s a precursor to much worse. It starts with an animal as practice for what they may eventually do to a human. They need psychiatric help, and their parents need to be far more present in their lives and take responsibility for their children.

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