Gold Medal-Winning Athlete Shocks Fans With Big Decision Over His Christian Faith

In this day and age, it’s rare to see people of faith standing up for their beliefs. Our pop culture has made convictions quaint. The entertainment industry portrays faith in God as outdated or irrelevant. However, there are millions in America who hold true to their beliefs. One of those people is Colton Satterfield, a gold medal-winning athlete. He recently made a big announcement, and it had everything to do with his faith.

BMX Biker Cotton Satterfield made a big decision regarding his sponsorship of Monster Energy drinks (Photo Credit: Cotton Satterfield/Instagram/Mike Mozart/Flickr)

Colton Satterfield is a BMX biker whose success at the sport has attracted a large following online. It has also attracted the endorsement of major companies. That includes Monster Energy drinks. Colton was a spokesman for the company and their popular line of products. An arrangement like that is gold for most athletes. When you get in with a big company, you’re basically printing money.

It’s an easy gig, with few downsides. However, Colton realized that the company did not reflect his personal beliefs. He seemed to struggle with endorsing a product that he couldn’t believe in. So, he made the tough choice to end his relationship with the company. In doing so, he gives up a large source of money.

But, he gladly did it, to honor his faith in God.

Gold Medal winning BMX biker Colton Satterfield has announced that he will no longer be a spokesman for Monster Energy drinks because the company does not comport with his Christian beliefs.

Satterfield took awards in both the 2014 and the 2015 X Games, winning the gold and several big sponsorships. But now he says that one of those big sponsors, Monster Energy Drinks, just doesn’t measure up to his deeply held Christian beliefs, Liftable reported.

The BMX athlete admitted in a November 20 Instagram post that many non-religious people may not understand his decision. [Source: Breitbart]

When an athlete starts to distinguish himself with wins, the money starts to roll in. His notoriety means big paydays. Companies want to put his name and face on their products. Normally, doing this is a no-brainer. The athlete gets a consistent paycheck, for doing very little work. As long as they are happy with the products they are endorsing, why complain?

Unless, of course, you realize the company’s image contradicts your personal beliefs. What do you do then?

Monster Energy is known for their edgy branding and marketing tactics, including the use of scantily-clad models. (Photo Credit: Laurent Cartalade/Flickr)

You have to understand what a hit Colton will take from ending his endorsement of Monster Energy. That relationship could possibly be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not more. On top of that, Colton faces criticism from fans and media, who will gawk at his faith. Christians of all backgrounds face persecution for their commitment to Jesus Christ. In many parts of the world, they are arrested and killed.

Even in America, Christians are frequently attacked by secular media. The universally-loved house renovators Chip and Joanna Gaines — noted Christians — were attacked by Buzzfeed over gay marriage. NFL star Tim Tebow was routinely ridiculed for his outspoken faith and demonstrations on the field. No doubt people are already attacking Colton for his stand.

However, Colton doesn’t seem to regret the decision. He happily posted the news on his Instagram page.

So, for me, I do my best to walk uprightly before a very real and good God and with some of their marketing and logos it just wasn’t something I could keep supporting. God is very real, Christ in actual reality lives. That’s from a dude who has to logically understand things all the way around. Christianity is actually totally real. [Source: Colton Satterfield/Instagram]

I can imagine some non religious people thinking this is wild or crazy, and not that long ago I would have been one of those people. Previously I had been a far too logical person in life to go deeply into religion, and still am that logical minded person. But I had a strait up real and wildly profound experience that shockingly confirmed serious religious truth to me. I had always been one to learn as much as I can. This experience was at the end of a knowledge or a deep world wisdom, most don't find, that seemingly discounted it; then that 'wisdom' was confounded as the bible describes and had my eyes opened in a real profound way. Some perceived 'wisdom' of the world is certainly a stumbling block that ensnares if one is not careful. There is an actual dark side of things that deceives. Most who find this 'knowledge', sit in their pride of having it and don't actually step back and analyze it and can be pulled down into darkness; those who analyze it fully,are already, or then become Christians. My experience was profound. Whole countries don't allow missionaries or other religions because their leaders trust this false or highly partial wisdom so hard. It is also wild to later read prophets of old, like Paul and many many others, who were wise dudes that essentially described every step of this knowledge that leads 'wise men' away and then describes each step up to the confounding and true light for those who seek. These were real, and actual very wise dudes of old. So for me, I do my best to walk uprightly before a very real and good God and with some of their marketing and logos it just wasn't something I could keep supporting. God is very real, Christ in actual reality lives. That's from a dude who has to logically understand things all the way around. Christianity is actually totally real. I was furthermore blown away to see the LDS religion understands literally everything in a very clear way, I know them to have the entire fullness of the gospel of Christ. It is His church. Something not long ago I would have sadly discounted. But it is in actual reality true. God can show you this far better and more profound than ever logically getting it.

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As people of faith, we need to support public figures who take such risks. Colton gave up years of big paychecks to honor God. He faces ridiculous for announcing his commitment, in an age when atheism is so widely accepted. We should celebrate athletes like him, who set an example for many young people, especially young people who look up to him and who are trying to understand faith and God.

Be sure to spread the word about Colton’s commitment. Let all your friends and family know about this brave man.

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