Days After Google Fires ‘Sexist’ Engineer, 1 Word On His T-Shirt Has Everyone Talking

A sign welcomes visitors to the main building of the Googleplex, Google’s company headquarters, at 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway in Mountain View, California (left); former Senior Software Engineer at Google James Damore (right) (Photo Credit: Coolcaesar/Wikimedia Commons, James Damore/Twitter)

Harvard grad student James Damore was a Senior Software Engineer at Google before he was fired for sending a “sexist” memo. Days after the company let him go, he was spotted wearing a t-shirt that contained only one word, but it has everyone talking.

“I value diversity and inclusion, am not denying that sexism exists, and don’t endorse using stereotypes,” Damore said in the internal company memo. He said that Google’s political bias has created an “ideological echo chamber where some ideas are too sacred to be honestly discussed.” This, of course, is not just true of the atmosphere at Google but of the entire Democratic Party and a major reason why Hillary Clinton lost the presidential election.

Proving just how narrow-minded the company truly is, Google responded to Damore’s memo by firing him. He, in turn, created the Twitter handle @Fired4Truth and posted a profile picture wearing a very appropriate t-shirt.

His account profile picture shows Damore wearing a T-shirt with the word “Goolag” printed on it, a reference to the Soviet Gulag, a government organization that was in charge of the forced-labor camp system during the Stalin regime.

Damore’s account already has nearly 38,000 followers, even though he started posting just days ago.

In his profile description, Damore writes that he is a “former Google Senior Software Engineer and Harvard grad student, fired for telling the truth.” [Source: Western Journalism]

According to Daily Mail, in an interview with YouTuber Stefan Molyneux, Damore said he wrote the now infamous memo during a 12-hour flight to China to show others at Google that not everyone is “in this group think” and that those who are not, feel “isolated and alienated” by the company’s culture.

The left uses the term “sexist” the same way they do the word “racist” — say something which challenges their liberal way of thinking, and you are automatically a “racist” or a “sexist.” They use this tactic of name-calling so that they never have to engage in an informed debate with conservatives because, otherwise, they would quickly lose. Instead of explaining why they think the way they do, they hurl derogatory accusations to shut down the argument since they cannot back up their opinions with facts.

It must be a pretty miserable existence to live this way; constantly spewing talking points which you cannot support. Oh, to be a liberal in America. It must be a miserable existence.

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