Why GOP Grassroots Supporters Terrify One Big Time Democratic Leader

A high-ranking Democratic leader is trying to cover-up the fear the party is feeling. They fear the growing movement within the Republican party, mainly grassroots supporters who are shaking up this election cycle. Although this big time Democratic leader won’t say it outright, you can surmise from their words that what is terrifying the party is a particular group of supporters, and they want them gone at any cost.

The GOP is on fire with new voters.

Debbie Wasserman-Schultz is the Democratic National Committee (DNC) chairwoman, and she recently gave a radio interview that focused on the GOP voters. Wasserman-Schultz’s game is to pump up the Democratic party, but instead, her words give away the fear that is gripping the Democrats over grassroots supporters that she calls Tea Party. Really, what she is talking about are the many grassroots supporters who are new to the GOP, and she is pointing at Trump.

“This is an unprecedented political campaign for president, I’ve never seen anything like it. We have a race unfolding on the other side that has been complete and utter chaos. You know, the Republicans have been criticizing Donald Trump and some suggesting he hijacked their party,” Wasserman Schultz said. “Look, they made this bed. They’ve been willingly allowing the Tea Party extremists to take over their party, and so they have only themselves to blame with the likelihood of having a presumptive nominee like Donald Trump, who is the most extreme and vile, misogynistic candidate in modern times.” [via Breitbart News]

Read between the lines and dismiss her rhetoric. The grassroots conservative supporters are scaring Wasserman-Schultz and her Democrat party. They’ve never seen anything like it. Wasserman-Schultz is fuming because the GOP establishment has lost control of their party and allowed these grassroots supporters to take over. This spells doom for the Democrats and Hillary Clinton directly.

A new report indicates the Republican turnout for voters this primary season looks like the huge Obama turnout from 2008. That’s right, Republican turnout of voters is dwarfing all Democratic numbers, and this is big trouble for the Democratic party.

There is evidence that the GOP primary has brought out new voters, a group the ultimate GOP nominee will likely need to counteract demographic trends favoring Democrats. Overall, Republicans have gotten nearly 4.8 million more people to cast primary season votes in states where both parties have had nominating contests, according to an analysis of data assembled by the United State Elections Project. [via US News & World Report]

This is great news. Wasserman-Schultz is a poor poker player. Basically, she has just let us know what the Democrats fear most, and that is the grassroots movement that is on fire in the GOP. With the vast new numbers of voters within the Republican party, only one thing remains. Many know these are mostly Trump supporters, and the GOP will need to unite around him or risk losing this election.

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