Government Welcomes Satan into State House — Just in Time for Christmas

The state of Illinois allowed a statue from the Temple of Satan to be displayed in their building. The ugly sculpture has been put up, among a display of holiday decorations. You won’t believe their excuse for it — or what the image implies. Don’t miss this.

The Temple of Satan’s cheery display, just in time for the holidays! (Photo Credit: Satanic Temple/Facebook)

The Christmas season is supposed to be a time of joy and cheer. More than that, it’s a time for Americans to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. While other religious observances go on around the same time, the vast majority of people in this country celebrate Christmas.

That is why we see decorations in almost every home. That’s why stores sell festive trees, twinkling lights, and statues of the Nativity — because of Christmas.

Even government buildings, in order to honor the traditions of the local residents, put up Christmas trees and other holiday decorations. Sure, they’ll have a menorah to respect Chanukah, but the reason for the season is the birth of Jesus Christ.

So, imagine the horror when the citizens of Illinois have to put up with a display that honors the Temple of Satan. The grotesque display, sandwich between the Christmas tree and menorah, is an insult to American values and beliefs.

The state claims the Temple is a religious group and has a right to display it, thanks to the First Amendment. But, is that what this is really about? I think not.

A satanic group has added its own statue to a series of displays in the government building of the US state of Illinois to mark the festive season.

Placed between a Christmas tree and a menorah, the four-foot sculpture depicts a snake coiled around an outstretched arm holding an apple.

It’s the first display sponsored by the Chicago chapter of the Temple of Satan.

The state government said the temple had the same right as other religious groups to have a display.

“Under the Constitution, the First Amendment, people have a right to express their feelings, their thoughts,” Dave Druker, spokesman for the Illinois secretary of state, told the State Journal-Register. “This recognises that.” [Source: BBC News]

Oh, how nice. It’s a statue that celebrates the fall of mankind into sin. Now, there’s something you want to glorify come Christmas time!

You might be upset to think the Temple of Satan wanted such a vile image to be displayed. You’d be right to feel that way. You might be upset that, thanks to the First Amendment, they have the same religious rights as anyone else. But, is the Temple of Satan really a religion? Not according to their own messaging.

Despite the name, the Temple of Satan considers itself a non-theistic group. It “encourage[s] benevolence and empathy among all people,” using its unique position to emphasize the separation of church and state, as well as promote “practical common sense and justice.” [Source: Breitbart]

So, they admit they are a secular group that wants to uphold the separation of church and state. By their own admission, they are not a religion; therefore, they should not be protected by the First Amendment. Why are they allowed to put such a disgraceful image in a government building, then?

I don’t see why churches in Illinois don’t challenge this decision. Clearly, the “Temple” of Satan doesn’t worship a god of any kind. They are simply a left-wing, anti-religious movement that in fact wants to undermine religious freedom and influence in our society.

Why else would they pick that image for their statue — a reminder of mankind’s fall? Why do you think they chose to put this display up at Christmas time? It is an attempt to give this special season a black eye. This statue should be taken down, once and for all!

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