As Government Shutdown Continues, Private Businesses Step Up & Fix Big Problem

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The Democrats’ ongoing government shutdown continues to hurt Americans across the country. As it drags on week after week, more public resources are closed down. That includes our National Parks. But in one major park, private business has found a way to keep Americans happy. Take that, big government!

Yellowstone is one of many National Parks that was closed thanks to the shutdown. (Photo Credit; Christopher Michel/Flickr, WIDNR/Flickr)

There have been more than a few times when we’ve seen private business fix the problems government cannot. It’s a wonder why anyone thinks the government is the solution to anything. More often than not, government agencies create far more problems than they solve.

Not that long ago, we learned that numerous cities in America were unable to fix their streets. Huge potholes posed a serious problem to commuters, travelers, and professional truck drivers. These cities had no money to fill them. So, Domino’s Pizza decided to do what the government could not. They filled potholes across America so that their delivery drivers (and everyone else) could enjoy smooth roads.

In exchange, they got to brag about it online. Not a bad way to advertise.

Today, our country is faced with yet another huge problem. The ongoing government shutdown means numerous services have been cut off from Americans. That includes our beautiful National Parks, enjoy by thousands every month.

Because of the shutdown, staffers aren’t working to maintain the parks’ services, like bathrooms and garbage removal. Iconic Yellowstone was closed to the 20,000 monthly visitors.

So local businesses decided to pay park employees to make sure the park stayed open.

Two weeks into the government shutdown, National Parks are starting to close. The public has been getting free access, since there are no employees to collect entrance fees of up to $35 per car. But neither are employees there to collect trash and clean bathrooms. So, with overflowing trash cans and toilets posing a threat to human health and safety, parks are shutting down.

But in the nation’s oldest national park, Yellowstone, local businesses are pitching in to pay park staff to keep it open — or at least parts of it…

So, during the shutdown, private businesses that operate inside the park are picking up the tab — about $7,500 dollars a day to groom Yellowstone’s 300-plus miles of snow-covered roads, and to keep one paved road open to cars. Xanterra Parks and Resorts, which runs the only hotels operating inside the park in winter, is paying most of that — paying park service employees to perform the same grooming duties they do under normal circumstances.

Xanterra asked the 13 guide services that operate in the park to chip in to help pay, and all of them did. It adds up to about 300 bucks a day for each of the guide services [Source: NPR]

This makes perfect sense. These businesses thrive off of tourists visiting Yellowstone. With the National Park closed, the hotels and tour guides would lose a fortune.

Chipping in some cash to make sure the park staff can keep things clear and safe makes sure the hotels and other businesses can stay open.

According to the report, Xanterra didn’t have to twist anyone’s arm to make this happen. The guide services were all too happy to help — given they would continue to stay in business.

Isn’t this amazing? Once again, we see private businesses finding solutions to the government’s problem. The fact that these local businesses are willing to spend money to keep the park open might even inspire more Americans to visit. They will be willing to support these hotels and services, simply out of appreciation for what they are doing.

It’s a win-win.

Meanwhile, the petty crooks in D.C. can’t even agree on a basic deal to protect the border and pay our federal employees. Pathetic.

This is why conservatives are against big government. Democrats promise voters the moon. But when push comes to shove, liberals are quick to shut everything down.

Private enterprise, on the other hand, has a real incentive to keep things going. That’s why we prefer businesses to thrive and the government to be limited.

This amazing story needs to be heard. Americans need to see how private businesses are filling in where the government fails.