Governor Brown Tries To Force Cities To Do One Thing, But Californians Fight Back

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As the toxic, liberal government tries to destroy California, more and more cities are resisting. Three more have joined a growing group that is fighting Governor Jerry Brown. It has patriots across the country cheering.

Governor Jerry Brown has been forcing his will onto the state, but many cities have said “enough!” (Photo Credit: Neon Tommy/Flickr, Ted Eytan/Flickr)

If you ever want to look at a case study of bad leadership, look at California. For years, their majority Democrat government has run the state into the ground. Led by Jerry Brown, the state has wasted billions on needless projects — all the while, neglecting crucial issues.

Wildfires, droughts, and mudslides regularly decimate the state. Yet, their government refuses to make needed infrastructure improvements. Bridges, roads, and dams are crumbling. Experts are predicting yet another drought, but lawmakers won’t build new reservoirs.

Where is the money going? The answer is bloated programs like Brown’s high-speed rail, a project that experts say is wasteful and useless. Oh, and billions are going to fund government handouts to help illegal aliens. Meanwhile, major California cities are clogged with the homeless, thanks to rampant unemployment and drug abuse.

On top of that, Jerry Brown signed into law, this year, a bill that prevents police from cooperating with the federal government. California’s sanctuary law puts criminal aliens ahead of Americans.

But, numerous cities have banded together to resist Jerry Brown’s toxic leadership. They are voting to reject the sanctuary law, citing that it’s un-Constitutional to oppose the federal government. This week, three more cities joined the movement.

The Newport Beach city council voted unanimously earlier this week to challenge California’s sanctuary law, joining a dozen other cities that are not interested in complying with the sanctuary policies.

It’s the third city in the past two days to take such action, joining about a dozen others in recent weeks.

“It’s a tool in the toolbox for our police to help keep criminals off the street,” Newport Beach Councilman Scott Peotter said of the vote against the law.

He said the issue is not about opposition to immigrants – as critics allege – but about keeping “illegal alien criminals” from re-entering the community. [Source: Fox News]

Numerous cities have voted to reject CA’s sanctuary law. (Photo Credit: Fox News Insider)

To date, about a dozen cities have voted to reject the sanctuary law. All of them are close to the Mexican border. What does that tell you? These cities deal with illegal immigrants on a daily basis. If they are not allowed to hand criminals over to ICE, they would be overrun. Many illegals are not nice people. We know this. They rob, kill, and rape. The only real actions a city can take is to hand them over to federal authorities.

If these cities obeyed Brown’s terrible law, they would have no way to properly protect their communities. Once they arrest an illegal for breaking the law, they’d be forced to let them go, only to commit more crimes. Soon, their cities would be overrun by illegals crossing the border, literally immune to any kind of law enforcement.

Is that what Jerry Brown wants? A lawless California where illegal aliens can get away with murder?

Spoiler alert: Yes, he does. Democrats have proven they don’t believe in law and order. They’ll do anything they can to get more power and stay in office.

Peotter also said that Brown is sending National Guard troops to the border for reasons other than to prevent illegal immigration…

“So it’s a matter of, whose spin do you want to listen to?” he added, arguing that the state is controlled by two-thirds Democrats.

Peotter said the state did not listen to the city’s concerns about the law before it passed and now the city is joining the lawsuit against the state by Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

“We want to be a law and order city and a law and order state. We want to comply with federal law and state law. They put us into a situation where we have to choose and we don’t like it,” he added. [Source: Fox News]

We know that there are good, patriotic Americans living in California. But, with two-thirds of the state government Democrat, how can their voices be heard? California conservatives are regularly railroaded by liberals. They are attacked, bullied, and marginalized. Brown refused to listen to border cities when he signed the sanctuary law. Now, he’s going to have to deal with their opposition.

Most of the cities that have voted to reject the law do so for a simple reason. They’ve vowed to uphold the Constitution of the United States first. If they were to obey Brown’s sanctuary law, they’d violate that vow. It’s as plain as that. Can the rest of the state say they are protecting the United States by shielding illegals? Of course not. This battle is far from over. Don’t be surprised if more cities vote to reject Brown’s law.