New York Governor Sues Trump Administration, Proves He Does Not Know The Law

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo made a big deal about suing the Trump administration over illegal immigrants. However, his claims are a little shaky. The liberal governor can’t even grasp the basics of our Constitution, and he just embarrassed himself in front of the entire country.

NY Governor Andrew Cuomo is suing the Trump administration. (Photo Credit: MTA/Flickr, DoD photo by U.S. Air Force Staff Sgt. Marianique Santos)

I’ve often said Democrats are dumb. But we don’t really know the depths of their dumbness until stuff like this happens. It’s hard not to agree that most liberals vote based on their emotions, not the facts.

Democrats are easily manipulated. Politicians can work them up into a lather over things like “climate change,” without even a shred of factual information. They can get liberals to demand an end to the Second Amendment. Yet those same people can’t even tell you the difference between a semi-automatic or fully automatic weapon (and let’s not even get started on “assault” rifles).

It’s clear that Democrats don’t bother with those inconvenient things like facts and evidence. They are too busy ranting on Twitter or marching in pointless rallies. They don’t even understand the basics of our law and government. That includes top Democratic leaders in important positions.

Take New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. This windbag has been embarrassing himself for many years. Whenever a crisis hits New York, you can count on Cuomo to be absolutely useless. Once, he could rest on the fact that Mayor Bloomberg could pick up the slack. But now that Bloomberg’s gone, Cuomo’s just wafting in the breeze.

This moron is as bad as every virtue-signaling con artist in D.C. or San Francisco. Like all idiotic liberals, he’s up in arms over the immigration battle. Naturally, he does nothing to help the situation. In fact, Cuomo cares more about illegal aliens than he does American citizens. But even if he wanted to help illegal immigrants, like the rest of his party, he refuses to do so. Instead, he uses them as a prop to oppose President Trump.

His latest move is so ridiculous, I’m having a hard time believing it’s real. He is launching multiple lawsuits against the Trump administration. For what? Violating the Constitutional rights of illegal immigrants.

No, I’m not making that up. Cuomo is that stupid.

Now, why is this so stupid? Because illegal immigrants don’t have Constitutional rights!

That’s what we mean when we say “illegal.” That’s why the President wants people to come here, legally. American citizens and legal immigrants are protected by the Constitution. You wouldn’t expect French citizens to enjoy American rights, would you? Of course not, they aren’t a part of this country. It’s the same thing with people who violate our laws to enter our country. They aren’t supposed to be here. Our government doesn’t know they exist. How could they have rights?

Did Andrew Cuomo sleep during the law school class where they taught the Constitution? [Source: Twitchy]

That pretty much sums it up. Democrats have no moral or legal power in this issue. All they are doing are relying on the media to stir up drama about illegals. Then idiots like Cuomo hope to get some free press by launching this bogus lawsuit. You have to be really stupid to think illegal immigrants have Constitutional rights.

I can’t decide if Cuomo is that ignorant of our laws (and should not be governor) or he’s just blatantly lying to stir up dumb liberals. Probably a little of both. This man doesn’t care about American citizens. But he doesn’t care about illegals, either. If he did, he’d encourage his fellow Democrats in Congress to craft a permanent solution to our border issues. Instead, they do nothing but grandstand on the fake news.

With each passing day, the left gets more and more ridiculous. They’ve completely lost touch with American values, issues, and reality. What are we going to see next? Cuomo endorsing citizenship to all people on the earth? I wouldn’t put it past him.

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