WATCH: Gowdy Sets Off NUKE During Trump Hearing, Comey Left Visibly SHAKEN

Rep. Trey Gowdy (left), President Donald Trump (center), FBI Director James Comey (right)

If there’s one person who’s definitely not happy about the leaks of classified information coming out of the White House, it’s no-nonsense South Carolina Republican Trey Gowdy. FBI Director James Comey was recently grilled by the Congressman as he testified before the House Intelligence Committee, and Comey was left visibly shaken after Gowdy dropped a nuke that he clearly was not expecting.

According to Daily Caller, on Monday, Gowdy took Comey to task over how media outlets, such as the New York Times, obtained classified information relating to the intelligence community’s investigation into the 2016 election. Gowdy read a number of headlines, openly referring to leaks of classified information, saying:

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“…and again, in February of this year, the New York Times reported on a phone call involving a U.S. citizen, including significant discussions of phone records, intercepted calls, intercepted communications, and reported the NSA captured calls and then asked the FBI [pointing directly at Comey] to collect as much information as possible…”

As his time ran out, Gowdy posed a question to Comey. Explaining that he “thought it was against the law to disseminate classified information,” he then simply asked, “Is it?” This question was accompanied by a death stare of epic proportions.

“Oh, yes, sure. It’s a serious crime,” answered Comey. “I’m not going to comment on those particular articles because I don’t want to in any circumstance compound a criminal act by confirming that it was classified information. In general, yes, it’s a serious crime. It should be for the reasons you said.”

Watch as FBI Director James Comey becomes visibly uncomfortable as he is questioned by Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC):

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It has been widely reported that the sources of the leaks are holdovers from the Obama administration; namely, staffers the previous president left behind with the sole purpose of undermining his successor. Gowdy appears to believe that the leakers are, in fact, tied to Obama, judging from his line of questioning on Monday.

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Hopefully, these hearings get to the bottom of who has been putting our national security at risk by speaking with the media illegally. Freedom of the press is one thing, but revealing classified information, thereby exposing tightly-held secrets to other world governments, is quite another. Luckily, if anyone can get to the bottom of this pressing dilemma, it’s ‘Bulldog’ Gowdy.

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