Gowdy Unleashes Hell On Democrats, Exposes Their ‘Sick Secret’ At Trump Witch Hunt Hearing

Trey Gowdy was back on Capitol Hill for the latest “Trump Witch Hunt” hearings put on by the House Intel Committee. However, Gowdy was not alone — Roger Stone, President Donald Trump’s longtime friend and ally, was called by Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff to testify. Schiff tried to get Stone to lie about Trump, but it went horribly wrong as Gowdy unleashed holy hell on the Democrats, exposing their “sick secret.”

Trey Gowdy (left), Democrats Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi, & Adam Schiff (right) all pumped the “DNC hacked by Russians” story, but now, their sick secret has been exposed. (Photo Credit: Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call/Getty Images, Amanda Edwards/WireImage/Getty Images)

Roger Stone was called to testify by the Democrats on the House Intel Committee. Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff, afraid of being exposed, refused Stone’s plea to make the hearings public. Schiff is a Democratic tool, and his sole purpose is to drive the bogus Trump-Russia connection. However, he had no idea he would be the one on the hot seat.

“After Roger Stone Jr. appeared before the House Intelligence Committee today, he stumbled upon a revelation that came in the form of an internal mixup between Congresspeople Schiff and Speier, both from California,” reports The Gateway Pundit.

After Stone read a lengthy opening statement, Schiff honed in on one part of Stone’s statement, which said, “I did not believe that the DNC had been hacked by the Russians, in fact, I believe that it had not been hacked at all, and made the point that the Democratic National Committee had refused to allow the FBI to inspect is servers, instead using a paid-for IT firm called CrowdStrike.”

Stone went on to explain that everything about the Russian hacking depends on CrowdStrike, who was bought and paid for by the DNC. Immediately, Schiff interrupts Stone, saying, “That’s not true, of course, they turned their server over to the FBI,” and Democratic Rep. Jackie Speier joins in, incensed at Stone’s statement. She tells Stone that what he said was a lie, and she knows that the FBI examined the DNC servers.

If the FBI didn’t examine the DNC server, which they did not, all of this Trump-Russia mess falls apart. Here’s where it got really ugly for the Democrats, and it was Trey Gowdy who was just chomping at the bit in that hearing room. Finally, he gets his turn and exposes Schiff and Spier to the inconvenient truth. Gowdy drops the bomb, telling them that FBI Director James Comey and Homeland Security Secretary Johnson had both testified – under oath – to the House Intelligence Committee that the FBI had not been allowed to examine the DNC servers. 

According to Roger Stone, after Gowdy dropped the bombshell, the shocked looks on all the faces of the Democrats in the room was priceless. How could Schiff and Speier not know this vital information? Their whole investigation was banking on proof the DNC was hacked, but it’s all a lie. There is no official FBI exam of the DNC servers that took place. Some bunch of idiots under contract to the DNC called CrowdStrike says it was hacked, and Schiff and Speier just sat there stunned as their sick secret was exposed. This whole investigation is one big ruse to oust Trump, and they know it.

This is bombshell information, so where is the mainstream media? Not one mainstream outlet reported on what really happened with Roger Stone and Trey Gowdy. The LA Times ran the headline, “Roger Stone Denies Russian Collusion,” with nothing mentioned on CrowdStrike, Comey, or Gowdy. Time Magazine’s reads, “Roger Stone Asserts That Trump Campaign Did Not Collude With Russia,” again with nothing said about CrowdStrike or Gowdy. I could go on listing mainstream news sources; I found not one which was reporting anything close to the truth.

It’s time we stop wasting taxpayer money on these ridiculous investigations. We have this investigation in the House, one in the Senate, and then, there’s Robert Mueller’s. Three investigations into Trump-Russia, and so far, they have nothing except egg on their own faces. Obviously, this is a witch hunt and the liberal media is in on it, lying for them. Now that their sick secret is exposed, it’s time Gowdy and his fellow Republicans tell the Democrats the party is over, all the bogus Trump-Russia investigations are now shut down for good. Nice try by the Trump-hating liars, the only people who hacked into the DNC servers were the Democrats themselves.

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