Granny Spots CNN’s Jim Acosta At Trump Rally, Gives Him ‘Nasty Surprise’ On Live TV

President Donald Trump’s rally last night in South Carolina was rocking as loyal supporters filled the auditorium to maximum capacity. CNN’s Jim Acosta was hiding out in the back, and all hell broke loose when he came down to the floor and was spotted by a huge Trump supporting grandmother. This granny gave him a “nasty surprise” right on live TV, and Acosta will never be able to live this down. You’ll love this.

“South Carolina Granny” Maria Rojas (left & middle) shocks CNN’s Jim Acosta (right) at President Donald Trump’s rally in South Carolina. (Photo Credit: Sean Rayford/Getty Images)

CNN’s Jim Acosta got a real taste of what a majority of the country thinks about him last night as he covered the presidential rally in South Carolina. This was smack dab in the middle of Trump country. The good people of South Carolina are well aware that Donald Trump is hated by Jim Acosta, who is routinely disrespectful to Sarah Huckabee Sanders during press conferences.

Acosta first felt the heat when he was broadcasting live from the rally, ripping the president in his tired ranting about the border crisis. Acosta says, “Kids are in foster care in this state almost a 1,000 miles away [from the border], and of course, President Trump will be here later on tonight campaigning for the man who wants to be governor…”

Acosta is then drowned out by a group of Trump supporters who realize he’s broadcasting live. They repeatedly chant that “CNN sucks,” causing the White House correspondent to cut his live report short.

But Acosta had no idea he was about to get his behind kicked by an elderly grandmother. This South Carolina granny who has been identified as Maria Rojas wasn’t playing around. Just the sight of the Trump-hating Acosta made granny go nuts.

We have to consider the Democrats’ new tactic against Trump and his supporters to really understand why an elderly woman would go berzerk when she sees Jim Acosta. We have seen the radical leftists attack DHS Kirstjen Nielsen in public and at her home, run Sarah Sanders out of the Red Hen Restaurant, and attack Florida’s AG Pam Bondi at the movies.

All of this stalking and harassment has been encouraged by Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters. CNN and Jim Acosta love what Auntie Maxine is doing. So when South Carolina granny sees him, she’s off the charts screaming at him, “Get out! Get Out of here! Go!” Acosta makes the big mistake of saying, “I have a right to be here,” and granny answers him, “No you don’t, get out!”

But there’s more. Whiny Acosta is claiming Rojas screamed, “Get the f*ck out!” But according to the Daily Wire who searched all available video, there is no evidence of that.

“I had an elderly woman just a short while’s come up to me—she came up to me and said that we at CNN should get the f*** out of this auditorium,” Acosta later claimed. “She turned to the crowd and whipped them up into a frenzy.”

The Daily Wire reports, “[We] searched through all available video clips of the encounter and was not able to find any proof that the woman said, ‘get the f*** out.”‘  There is one more clip where Rojas accuses Acosta of “not respecting the United States,” and idiot Jim walks right into that one saying, “Yes I do respect the United States.” Maria Rojas responds, “No, you do not respect it!”

Now, it’s pretty clear that South Carolina granny Maria Rojas is fed-up with the mainstream media lies. Radio host Wayne Dupree weighed in, saying, “How long did the mainstream media think that they can keep serving slop to the American people before they responded harshly?”

He added, “Way to go Maria Rojas. Good job confronting Jim Acosta. I wonder how Acosta would respond to people showing up at his house to confront him the way liberals such as him to do conservatives.”

Now, leftist losers are pissed off, pointing to Maria Rojas as an “out of control vile Trump racist.” Except, Maria Rojas is no racist. She’s a proud American who is too old to take their nonsense. She’s a proud supporter of President Donald Trump, and she let CNN and Jim Acosta know: they clearly aren’t welcome down in the heart of the Palmetto State.

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