Grave Visitor Shocks Widow With ‘Gift,’ Horrified When She Turns Around

Grave Visitor Shocks Widow With 'Gift,' Horrified When She Turns Around
Photos from cemetery where incident occurred

A mourning Missouri woman lost her husband three weeks ago and was struggling with his death when she decided to return to his gravesite. She hopped in the truck he used to drive every day and headed to the cemetery, where she was sobbing by his headstone when a strange man approached her with a sickening “gift.”

Monday was a particularly hard day for the widow since it would have been her husband’s birthday, so she went to Sacred Heart Cemetery in Florissant to share the afternoon with him. As one of the only visitors in the cemetery that afternoon, the woman couldn’t have felt more alone in her mourning, when she felt a hand on her back.

A man who had been at a gravesite a few feet from her husbands came to offer what seemed like his condolences. He said that he was sorry for her loss and even offered her a flower he picked up along the way. When she turned around to thank him for his kindness, she was sick at what she saw.

Too upset to talk about what happened, having so much on her plate with the loss of the love of her life already, the widow’s heartbroken daughter, Angie, spoke on behalf of her mother about the horror she endured that afternoon at the cemetery. She described that the stranger had approached her mother twice to console her, but after the second time, things took a horrific turn.

According to KTVI, the man pretended to be visiting a gravesite near Angie’s father’s, when he saw an opportunity with the widow. After he approached her a second time with a flower, the woman thanked him and turned back to the headstone. As soon as she turned her head, the stranger took off behind her and hopped in her late husband’s truck and drove away, mowing down other headstones to get away.

Grave Visitor Shocks Widow With 'Gift,' Horrified When She Turns Around
Truck similar to the one stolen

The car he stole still smelled like Angie’s father and was the one way that her mother could feel like he was still with her. “Mom drives that car she feels him there. It smells like him still. She wants it back,” Angie said. So far, there has been no sight of the 2013 maroon Chevy Silverado, and not even insurance can replace the important loss of what this truck meant to the widow.

Now, a family has not only lost a father and husband, they lost the closest thing they had to him, a signature item that somewhat filled the painful gaping void that they won’t ever give back. It takes a “special” kind of thief to prey on a grieving woman at a cemetery. This thief will get a heaping dose of karma for what he did, which could cost him his life since he stole what a dead man left behind.