You’ll Never Guess Which Group Just Killed California Democrats’ Ridiculous Demands!

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The Socialist Republic of California is essentially the poster child for all things wrong with liberals. Their wild, unreasonable leftist views have put a strain on their state’s hard-working citizens, and their liberal policies have transformed a once proud and great state into a virtual laughing stock. However, one group just killed California’s ridiculous demands, and you’re going to love it.

President Donald Trump (left), Shiloh IV wind energy project in Solano County, California (right) (Photo Credit: U.S. Air Force Staff Sgt. Marianique SantosWikimedia Commons)

Things have only gotten worse now that we have a Republican in the White House. As Donald Trump pushes for more populist reforms — reforms that aim at restoring our nation’s economic strength as a world leader — California Democrats are pushing back. It seems like, in almost every area, California lawmakers are trying to oppose the president’s plans.

It’s not a huge surprise. Trump’s goals to bring back jobs, end illegal immigration, and boost our national security fly in the face with almost every liberal, socialist goal imaginable. The biggest goal, perhaps, is the eradication of privately owned land and businesses, through the bogeyman of global warming.

While protecting the environment is important, the left has blown this issue to exaggerated levels. They want you to believe that modern industry is destroying the planet. In a matter of years, we’ll all be dead, or so they want us to believe. Their only solution? To allow the government to heavily regulate how private businesses run their industries. That means more power granted to state and federal government. How convenient.

Time and again, we discover that measures to “protect” the environment are really a ruse to push for more government overreach. They often implement policies that hamper innovation, making it more difficult for businesses to do what they do best: make stuff and create jobs.

In the merry old land of California, this kind of thing is out of control. Measures to kill off the use of fossil fuels and traditional energy production are a common thing. That makes it incredibly difficult for companies to do their business, not to mention making families’ energy bills skyrocket.

But, against all odds, a radical new plan that would mean disaster for California residents has been diverted, thanks to a relatively unlikely source: the unions.

California unions killed the Democrats’ last-minute push to force the state to adopt 100 percent renewable electricity production by 2046, over worries the nation’s highest utility costs are killing jobs…

The bill would require 44 percent of all retail electricity sold in the state to come from renewable energy and zero-carbon sources by 2024; 52 percent by 2027; 60 percent by 2030; and then 100 percent by 2046.

But it appears that the state’s powerful union sector is feeling the heat from its members and employers, angered that energy-rich California now has the “lower 48’s” highest average electric utility rates for residential, commercial, industrial and transportation at 17.55 cents per kilowatt hour. [Source: Breitbart]

Now, this might be surprising to you. Typically, unions are very pro-Democrat. That’s because, historically, the Democrats have worked with unions to stick it to managers and business-owners. But, in this case, California’s ridiculous “renewable” energy resolution would have made utility costs even higher than they already are.

Just how insane is this? California is rich in natural resources. They could easily lower the cost of energy production across the board if they actually harnessed their untapped potential (as Texas does). But, considering the shocking per kilowatt an hour price for energy, they’re not doing that. On average, Californian citizens pay 62 percent more than most Americans for their energy.

The unions see how the bill would have only made things worse. They tried to push for amendments that would protect their interests, but were unsuccessful:

Utility and electrical workers changed sides late in the game after de León refused to accept their amendments to the bill. The California Coalition of Utility Employees and the California State Association of Electrical Workers had been urging members of the Assembly to kill the bill. [Source: Sacramento Bee]

This might be a sign of things to come. As California liberals — and liberals nation-wide — continue to oppose the Trump administration, more and more working Americans will see the light. They will discover that the heavy-handed policies of the left are not in their best interests. Who knows? Maybe more unions will jump ship for smoother waters.