Woman Plans To Use Gun Buyback Money To Upgrade To A Better Firearm

Many cities have initiated gun “buyback” programs, which encourage people to trade in their firearms in exchange for gift cards or money. These buybacks are promoted as a way to get dangerous weapons off the streets, but more often than not, people trade in their worthless broken firearms for some cold hard cash. One woman had an even better idea. 

“Darlene” (left), handgun (right) (Photo credit: screenshot Fox 45)

Baltimore recently held one of these buybacks, where at least one woman flipped the script and said she was going to use her buyback money to purchase a better gun. Rather than making the streets safer, the city was actually helping the citizens increase their firepower.

Fox 45 reported on the Baltimore city gun buy-back that took place on Monday. Unlike some cities that trade gift cards for guns, this one was quite generous, giving “twenty-five dollars for rifle magazines that carry more than 10 rounds, one-hundred dollars for revolvers, pump and bolt-action weapons, two-hundred dollars for semi-automatic weapons, and five-hundred dollars for full-auto weapons.”

That’s not bad money for an inoperable firearm that couldn’t even be sold for scrap. The program was anonymous with “no questions asked.” Anyone who showed up with a gun got the cash. Police declared it a roaring success, saying they got 538 dangerous weapons off the street.

“Our point here is, there are guns on the streets of our city. We are signaling folks out there, we don’t care if its grandpa’s gun or your gun, we want it,” said Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh.

The news crew was on hand trying to interview people trading in their guns and showed primarily old people bringing junk guns they had sitting in their closets for decades.

This was hardly an example of taking guns away from gangbangers and violent felons. None of these guns, if they even worked, would have ever been used in a crime, but the real point of the buyback was to make people feel good without offering any real solutions to Baltimore’s shocking murder rate.

The Mayor and Police Commissioner say the gun buyback program is another tool in the waged war against violent crime some research shows gun buyback programs are not effective in reducing violent crime in urban settings.

Yes, that’s an awkward sentence, but the meaning is the city thinks their buyback proves that these programs work to get guns off the streets.

Then the news interviewed this woman:

That’s “Darlene” and she was trading in her 9mm handgun that she described as being too small. She told the news that she intends to use her buy-back money to “upgrade to a bigger weapon.” She actually told the news she wants a better weapon, but given her complaint that her current gun was too small, the reporter interpreted it as her desire for something bigger.

Darlene’s 9mm is a semi-automatic weapon, which means the city gave her $200 cash that should go a long way towards a better gun. From her description of the 9mm she traded in, it was either a piece of crap or didn’t work at all. Instead of getting nothing for a junk gun, she got two hundred big ones.

Darlene seems like a nice lady and probably isn’t a violent criminal, but the real problem with gun buybacks is what the scumbags do with them. Since these things are “no questions asked,” criminals can get rid of the evidence from a violent crime and be rewarded for it. A killer can simply trade in a gun used in a murder, rather than tossing it in the Baltimore harbor, and walk away $200 richer.

The truth of the matter is gun buybacks are nothing more than security theater. The mayor and the cops proclaim the city is safer because hundreds of guns are off the streets. The reality of things is that hundreds of broken guns are out of the closest and dresser drawers, while the city is several thousand dollars poorer.

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