Gun Control Group BUSTED Intentionally Mislabeled Massacre Of Dallas Cops

“Fake news” has been a focus since the election, but who’s promoting it has never been more apparent. While liberals blame conservatives, the leftists are the guilty ones, and one gun control group takes the cake with their intentional mislabeling of the July massacre of Dallas cops. Wishing to promote a gun free society, Everytown boosted their numbers with the miscategorization, but they just got busted.

Buried in last week’s audit of Everytown for Gun Safety’s long list of fake school shootings was perhaps one of the most disgusting lies and blatant agenda-pushing plots in history. This is without a doubt, the fake news we should all be concerned about. Here is an actual image, taken from the list of school shootings, that Everytown is expecting you to swallow at face value.

A small section of the list of “school shootings” from Everytown for Gun Safety.

These are all bold-faced lies. None of these were school shootings, but one is glaringly obvious. It wasn’t the jogger who was shot in the leg on a road that borders a college campus in Booneville, MS, which Everytown tried to call a school shooting. It wasn’t the two former students who returned to their former high school’s parking lot to fight in Ava, Missouri, where one ended up committing suicide that Everytown tried to call a school shooting. It wasn’t even the incident where an employee shot himself cleaning a gun in his office in Vallejo, CA, that Everytown tried to call a school shooting that was so disgusting, though all of these were lies. The biggest and most disgusting lie of the 159 lies told by Everytown lists a “school shooting at El Centro Community College” on July 7, 2016.  

Dallas police officers take cover as a sniper attempts to massacre as many cops as possible on July 7, 2016.

This was actually the massacre of the Dallas police officers. We all remember it as the event where nine officers were injured and five were killed. Two bystanders were also wounded by an angry black nationalist domestic terrorist after a Black Lives Matter protest. Not even the angriest, most irrational, bonehead could think this should be labeled as a “school shooting,” but liberals aren’t rational, which says a lot about the sociopath who runs Everytown.

Billionaire Michael Bloomberg is responsible for trying to intentionally mislabel all these shootings for his blatant agenda pushing. Bloomberg is the crazy zealot behind the network of gun control groups that fabricated all of these lies and intentionally labeled them as “school shootings,” attempting to use fear-mongering to enact more gun control. Bloomberg also funded and co-founded Mayors Against Illegal Guns and is believed to be the primary funding source behind Moms Demand Action, a fake grassroots gun control organization founded by former Monsanto public relations executive Shannon Watts.

Billionaire Democrat Michael Bloomberg funds Everytown for Gun Safety and its lies.

This is exactly what fake news looks like. This bold and intentionally lying, disguised and hidden in long fabricated lists, attempts to gain support for gun control and is being pushed hard by the far left. There is nothing more fake than this list of pure lies put out by Everytown, and it’s important that everyone knows it.

It’s vital that every person does their own research and looks into these lists from anti-gun websites. This isn’t the first and won’t be the last list of lies to come from groups like this, hoping to mislead the public into falling for the left’s false rhetoric and progressive agenda.

H/T [Bearing Arms]

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