Saggy-Pants Punk Points Gun At Family Dollar Employees, Forgets To Check His 6

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A saggy-pants criminal entered a Family Dollar store in Dekalb County, Georgia, with the intent to rob the place blind. However, he neglected to “check his 6” to see who was right behind him, and it ultimately cost him his life.

Law enforcement responds to the Family Dollar store in Dekalb County, Georgia, where an armed robbery took place. (Photo Credit: Screen Capture/Channel 2 Action News via AJC)

On Tuesday morning, a would-be thief entered the Family Dollar store in Dekalb County, Georgia, and he pointed a gun at two employees working there. Fearing for her life, one employee opened the register and began handing money to the robber, who believed that he was the only armed person in the store.

As it turns out, however, the thief was very, very wrong. While the Family Dollar employee was handing over money, a customer walked from the back of the store to the front, and he noticed what was happening. He saw the robber pointing his gun at the employee’s head and acted fast, pulling out his own weapon and shooting the thief several times.

The suspect was pronounced dead at the scene, but the employee who had a gun pointed at her head has been shaken, as anyone would be. “She’s upset. She’s dealing with corporate right now,” Sgt. Lynn Shuler said, “but she’s fine.”

Of course, she’s only “fine” because of the heroic actions of a law-abiding gun owner. There were four or five other customers in the Family Dollar store at the time of the incident, according to The Blaze, and luckily, one of them had a gun and was willing to use it.

“A customer shot and killed an armed robber inside a DeKalb County dollar store Tuesday morning, police said. DeKalb County police spokesman Sgt. J.D. Spencer said police responded to the shooting at the Family Dollar in the 7000 block of Covington Highway near Lithonia,” reported AJC.

“Investigators learned that a man had walked into the store and pulled a gun on two employees,” the outlet added. “While an employee was handing over money, the customer shot the man, killing him. Four or five customers were in the store at the time. The shooter has not been identified and is not expected to be charged, the news station reported.”

This story is the perfect example of why our Second Amendment rights are so vitally important. If the Family Dollar customer who took down this robber had not been armed, the incident would have ended much differently, potentially with the death of the discount store’s employees and customers.

This is why it is imperative that law-abiding citizens be permitted to own and carry firearms. It takes the police minutes to respond to the scene of a crime, but it only takes someone carrying a concealed weapon seconds to react. The difference in response time can literally save lives, as we saw in Dekalb County this week.

Even with incidents like this one unfolding on a frequent basis, however, the Democrats continue to try to take away all of the gun rights they possibly can. It defies logic. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again — the best way to stop a bad guy with a gun is with a good guy with a gun. The Family Dollar employees who were targeted this week are very fortunate that a good guy with a gun happened to be in their store on Tuesday morning.

If you believe that our inalienable Second Amendment rights should not be infringed for precisely this reason, share this post. After all, we cannot count on the mainstream media to do its job by reporting it.

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