Gun Rights

NRA Lost Its Backbone & Now An Avalanche Of Gun Control Is Headed Towards YOU!

We know that the left will do whatever it can to destroy our Second Amendment. Their strategy is not to openly kill it, but pass enough restrictions that few people can own firearms. One of the few groups standing in their way is the National Rifle Association. They fight to protect gun rights, but recently, it seems that the NRA has lost its backbone. They’ve backed down, leading to an avalanche of new restrictions across the country, and now, every gun-owning American needs to read this. […]


Liberal Comedian Gets Robbed At Gunpoint In D.C., You Won’t Believe What He’s Saying Now

Most people don’t understand the danger that is around them. Scratch that, most liberals don’t understand the danger that is around them. They lecture law-abiding citizens over their rights. Meanwhile, they fight to protect and defend criminals. One of those liberals, comedian Tim Young, was confronted with the realities of crime when he was robbed at gunpoint. Now, it’s making him sing a different tune. […]

Gun Rights

Liberal Attorney General’s New Scheme Will Strip Away Fundamental Aspect Of Gun Ownership

The left hates the Second Amendment. Why? Because they are terrified of an armed populace. Americans who know how to use firearms are self-reliant. They don’t want the government running their lives. So, every day, we learn about another liberal trying to limit our freedoms. The latest is from a liberal attorney general. His new scheme will deprive you of the most fundamental aspect of gun ownership. […]