[WATCH] Redneck Shows Renter Who Not To Mess With, Gets Arrested Anyway
Gun Rights

[WATCH] Redneck Landlord Goes Gun Crazy On Renter, Gets Arrested

An argument between a landlord and his tenant quickly took a turn to negative town, when the redneck landlord started running his mouth and waving his firearm like he intended to use it. With his finger on the trigger the entire time, the renter on the wrong side of the weapon had reason to be afraid, as this special kind of idiot makes responsible gun owners look bad. […]

[WATCH] Wannabe Thug Acts Tough With Gun, Scared SH*TLESS When It Goes Off
Gun Rights

[WATCH] Wannabe Thug Acts Tough With Gun, But It All Goes HORRIBLY Wrong

Despite the fact that liberals would love to completely strip guns out of the hands of Americans, conservatives will be among the first to explain that millions of law-abiding gun owners manage to kill no one every single day. However, when videos such as the recent one out of Tennessee surface on the web, it doesn’t do the pro-gun argument much good – but it does prompt a serious question. […]