Gunfire Breaks Out In Ohio School, But There’s 1 Thing Media Won’t Tell You About Shooter

Although there was a shooting at an Ohio school recently, news of the incident hasn’t made national headlines. Come to find out, there’s actually a good reason – and it all centers around the one little fact that the liberal mainstream media doesn’t want you to know about the shooter.

Gunfire Breaks Out In Ohio School, But There’s 1 Thing Media Won’t Tell You About Shooter
Adan Abdullahi (left), Columbus Scioto High School (right) (Photo Credit: Columbus Police, Screenshot/Google Street View)

According to NBC4i, the incident took place at Columbus Scioto High School in Columbus, Ohio, where students were horrified to hear a gun discharge. Within mere moments, students and teachers were hunkering down in locked classrooms and the entire school quickly went on lockdown with alarms sounding.

As one would imagine, multiple calls were made to police immediately afterward, with the first coming in from the assistant principal who was hiding inside a closet at the time. “He’s in the main hallway,” she told the police dispatcher. “Right now he’s in front of the office. He’s firing shots.”

Police quickly arrived, and they were pleased to see that a brave staff member had approached the shooter and talked him down before he could shoot or kill anyone. Just like that, the man dropped his gun and was placed into police custody where officers immediately began to learn more information about him.

Although the incident should be enough to put the country on high alert, the liberal mainstream media has neglected to pick up the story – and, as it turns out, there’s a horrifying reason why. According to Bare Naked Islam, the gunman was actually an 18-year-old Muslim by the name of Adan Abdullahi.

Of course, seeing how this goes against the left’s narrative and everything they stand for, it seems that the left-leaning mainstream media has decided to sweep this story under the rug. In fact, the shocking occurrence has prompted Creeping Sharia to post the video below as a metaphor for what is happening – and it’s scarily accurate:

Currently, Abdullahi is in police custody and has been charged with improperly discharging a firearm in a school safety zone, a second-degree felony. However, things are far from over for the Muslim gunman as police have since added that other charges are expected to be added before his trial.

“Our officers did a superb job of rapidly responding, securing the scene, working with school officials and neighboring law enforcement agencies, as well as getting students out of harm’s way and the suspect quickly into custody,” said Columbus Police Chief Kim Jacobs. “We are grateful that no one was injured and for the excellent cooperation throughout this incident from all involved.”

We already know that the left has a misplaced love for Muslims as their religion stands against unity, equality, and tolerance. The fact that liberals still defend a religion that has had countless violent incidents because of what they have been commanded by their holy book – which teaches Muslims that they are superior to non-believers and can do whatever they want to them, even kill – is downright disturbing.

Even worse, they’re now covering up the sickening reality for what it is. At this point, blood is on the hands of the mainstream media, and things will only get worse as they continue to lie and deceive the American people in the name of political correctness.

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