Hairy Armpit Actress Hides Big ‘F-You’ Message In Her Dress — Look Close

Hairy Armpit Actress Hides Big 'F-You' Message In Her Dress — Look Close
Lola Kirke at the Golden Globes

The Golden Globes turned into a slanderous show of hate for our new administration, with every liberal idiot in Hollywood coming out with a massive chip on their shoulder for conservatives. With all of the attention on Meryl Streep running her mouth about Donald Trump, everyone seemed to miss the nasty message that can’t be ignored, hidden in one actress’s dress.

If you haven’t heard of Lola Kirke, you’re not alone. It also means that you’re probably not liberal. She earned some fame after starring in the film Free the Nipple and became the left’s golden girl after that.

Staying true to her feminist self, she doesn’t just think the nipple should be seen, she enjoys having the same “right” as a man by letting her armpit hair grow long and hang out. The unsightly hair was the perfect compliment to her insulting dress which seemed pink and innocent at first glance until a camera caught what was among the floral motif on closer look.

With plenty of liberal outrage to go around on Sunday, Kirke didn’t want to miss out on her opportunity to make a name for herself among the popular liberal elitists and show her support for state-sponsored abortions and hate for Speaker Paul Ryan who is working with Republicans to prevent her from this “right.”

Hairy Armpit Actress Hides Big 'F-You' Message In Her Dress — Look Close
Kirke’s hairy armpits and pin

The British actress who has no business weighing in on American politics thought she tough-talked Ryan with a dime-sized pink pin on the breast of her dress that said, “F*ck Paul Ryan.” She sure showed him with this lazy protest that he probably laughed at when he realized the shout out she gave him. The Huffington Post was quick to champion her “bravery” in wearing a stupid pin on behalf of all women who want free abortions and birth control.

“The Huffington Post reports with pride that Kirke tried to take Speaker of the House Paul Ryan down a peg with her liberal fashion accessory,” Downtrend noted.

It’s funny that the actress and Huffington Post think that her passive-aggressive pin is effective in changing anything other than making Ryan and the rest of us laugh. Liberals are welcome to keep pinning whatever they want to themselves for “safety” or to make a statement since it only makes them look like kindergarten students whose teacher sent them home with a message for mom. This is why the adults are in the White House now.

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