[VIDEO] Hannity & Social Media Give Scathing Response To Paul Ryan On Trump

As a leading Republican politician and Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan is a public servant with an obligation to unite those in the GOP, not think of his own personal feelings. Ryan neglected to do his duty when he refused to get behind Donald Trump, the presumptive GOP nominee. This has caused rightful backlash, and Sean Hannity and social media have scathing responses to Ryan’s latest move.

Paul Ryan (left) Donald Trump (middle) Sean Hannity (right)

Late yesterday, Paul Ryan gave an interview with Jake Tapper on CNN, where he said he would not give his endorsement of Donald Trump, instead taking the low road. Ryan’s attitude was revolting to Trump, who released a statement on his website.

“I am not ready to support Speaker Ryan’s agenda. Perhaps in the future we can work together and come to an agreement about what is best for the American people. They have been treated so badly for so long that it is about time for politicians to put them first!”

Trump wasn’t the only one to retaliate. Social media also caught fire with #PaulRyan trending on Twitter. Responses from Americans to Ryan’s lackluster attitude were scathing, with over 415,000 tweets directed at Ryan.

Sean Hannity also joined in, reflecting what the social media crowd was saying about Ryan. On his show last night, he interviewed Newt Gingrich about Paul Ryan. The former Speaker of House lashed out at Ryan, saying that “he has an obligation to unite the party, he is the Speaker of the House.”

Hannity was really pissed off too and said, “I’m not ready to support Speaker Ryan anymore, I’m thinking we need a new Speaker.”


The problem is this crowd that Gingrich speaks of, they are the pundit class. Sarcastically, Gingrich said that those “pseudo-intellectuals, who have made a living in Washington DC being brilliant while they alienated the entire American people, showing you by their hysteria, they just absolutely don’t know what to do.”

The “Never Trump” crowd is disgusting to most hard-working Americans looking to get out of a Democratic-led White House. All those Americans, who know a Hillary Clinton presidency would spell disaster, are now backing Trump. These GOP elites like Paul Ryan, along with Mitt Romney who says “he will sit this one out,” are whiners who did not get their way. Many Americans held their noses and voted for the Romney/Ryan ticket, now it’s their turn to grow up and help stop a real criminal from gaining the White House.

[h/t Gateway Pundit]

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