Hanoi Jane Steps Up To Mic At Women’s March, Gets Nasty Surprise As She Starts To Speak

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Jane Fonda, or “Hanoi Jane” as she’s become infamously known, was on hand in Park City, Utah, for the 2018 “Respect Rally,” which was part of the weekend’s “Women’s March” across the country. Fonda, 80, was promoted as the keynote speaker, and leftist groups were hoping for massive turnouts. However, poor Jane got a nasty surprise when she took the mic as her fellow “nasty woman” attorney Gloria Allred looked on. You don’t want to miss this.

Jane Fonda (left & right) at “Respect Rally” in Park City, Utah (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screengrabs)

The mainstream media is doing what they do best, lying like rats when it comes to the 2018 Women’s March. Front and center in Park City, Utah, were a couple of celebrities, one being Hanoi Jane Fonda, and another being celebrity attorney Gloria Allred.

How Fonda came to be called Hanoi Jane is quite a sordid tale. Jane sided with America’s enemies during the Vietnam War, and she took it a step too far when she traveled to North Vietnam, taking disgusting pro-commie pics while American soldiers were being killed by the Viet-Cong who she was promoting.

Sure, that was 50 years ago, but no one likes traitors, nor do we forget them. So, when she turned up in Park City, Utah, as the keynote speaker, we are happy to report that she got a nasty surprise. This year’s Women’s March fell flat like a lead balloon, and Jane’s Park City rally was no exception. It was such a flop, mainstream media outlets are desperately posting the 2017 photos, trying to fool people into thinking the crowds are huge.

Poor Jane, the local paper was generous in saying “hundreds” of people showed up. It looked like a couple hundred, tops. What a nasty surprise for the big Hollywood actress. Rosie O’Donnell was duped, too. She posted an image of the 2017 Women’s March and thought it was from 2018. People quickly corrected the hefty actress-turned-activist.

The LA Times reported, “Hundreds came to City Park in Park City, Utah, for the ‘Respect Rally’ on the one-year anniversary of the national Women’s March. was scheduled to speak at Saturday morning’s Park City gathering to voice support for ‘all ethnicities, religions, genders, political and sexual orientations’ that fell on the opening weekend of the Sundance Film Festival.”

Gloria Allred also dared to show her face. Her daughter, fellow attorney Lisa Bloom, was outed for allegedly bribing women to say that President Donald Trump had sexually assaulted them. Page Six reports, “She [Bloom] persuaded a donor to pay off one accuser’s mortgage and tried to get a fat six-figure payment for another woman who eventually declined to come forward even after she was offered as much as $750,000, the website reported, citing Bloom’s clients as sources.”

The report adds, “Bloom told one prospective accuser that political action committees supporting Hillary Clinton were also contacted as part of the effort, though details about that connection were scarce.” These leftist activists are rats, and Hanoi Jane thought she was going to be met by a throng of supporters.

The LA Times reporter was in Fonda’s car as she pulled up to the rally and the arrogance was just too much. “The car rolled closer to the park where the rally was taking place, approaching a final checkpoint,” the LA Times reports.

“Just say Jane Fonda is in the car, she’s the primary speaker, and if they don’t let us through, get aggressive!” her publicist shouted from the back seat. “Is she on the list?” a security guard asked. “She’s Jane Fonda. She is the list,” the driver replied, and the car was let through the barricades.

Wow. That “list” is not too impressive when there are only a couple hundred souls waiting to hear you speak. I can imagine the utter shock and dismay when Hanoi Jane and her handlers exited the car and looked out at the measly crowd. Well, what do these idiots expect when the country’s economy is getting back on track and the Democrats are shutting down the government over illegal aliens?

Women in America have every advantage, this is not pre-sufferage days. This is what happens when your “cause” is based on lies. No one shows up, only the crazies are left waving signs. Even President Donald Trump wished the Women’s March well because he knew the entire hate-fest would embarrass the left in the end, and the president was spot on, once again.

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