Harry’s ‘In Trouble’ After Secret Prediction Revealed By What’s Seen On Meghan’s Hand

A photograph of Trump-hating Megan Markle has surfaced, leaving many with the impression that Prince Harry is “in trouble” after some viewers noticed something that she was wearing, which they say reveals a troubling prediction about the future bride. According to these experts, both Harry and the Queen might want to beware if their instincts, based on what they saw, are correct.

Screenshot from video footage of Meghan Markle with Prince Harry (background), Meghan Markle (inset) (Photo Credits: YouTube/Entertainment News Magazine)

Markle has been the center of attention for many controversial things over the past year as she and her prince march one day at a time toward their wedding. Now, it seems there is one more hurdle to overcome or at least explain after a recent photo taken of Markle shows her wearing something that has lead to not only a troubling prediction but also some occultists seeing her choice of accessories as an indicator of possible esoteric knowledge. Obviously, this isn’t good for Prince Harry as his grandmother Queen Elizabeth is the head of the Church of England.

According to Daily Mail, Markle’s engagement ring has received an overwhelming level of attention, but recently, she was photographed wearing other jewelry that could reveal intimate details of not just her personal life but also of a troubling prediction or, worse, a possible interest in or knowledge of the occult. According to The Mirror, it’s the arrangement of thin gold bands Markle wore on her right thumb, index, and ring fingers, during her recent visit to Brixton that’s now drawing some odd attention from experts of an unusual nature; namely, fortune tellers.

According to traditional palmistry, which claims to foretell the future through studying the hand, wearing a thumb ring indicates control and aggression. A couple of examples of someone who might wear them would be “the girl who is the leader of her pack of friends” and “the controlling wife who loves bossing her husband and kids around,” according to spiritualist interpretation.

For many, the symbolism behind Markle’s jewelry choice seems to be a little more than mere coincidence as she is soon to become part of one of the most powerful families in the world. Her decisions on everything from public appearances to social media are calculated to ensure the desired effect.

Palmists also note that people who wear a ring on their index finger often include “a newly appointed king or queen” or a “celebrity with millions of fans.” This type of person would be considered wildly ambitious. So far, Markle isn’t a far cry from that description. In the past, other royals who were known to wear rings on their index finger included Queen Anne of Cleves, King Henry VII, and Queen Elizabeth I.

Screenshot from video footage (Photo Credit: YouTube/Entertainment News Magazine)

The rings in the photo of Markle were worn on her right hand. In palm reading, that indicates a “stubbornness or need to be in control of your public life.”

This isn’t the first time Markle has been spotted wearing an eclectic arrangement of jewelry. In 2017, Markle was seen on several occasions wearing a range of different rings on both hands, including three gold bands on her right ring finger which many thought to mean that Prince Harry had bought her a promise ring. Later, it was reported that they were a combination of a double arrow and an interstellar ring from the brand Missoma.

Is it possible that Markle is displaying a secret obsession with occultic practices in her jewelry choices, sending a message with the rings she’s wearing? It’s hard to tell, but one thing is for certain: Markle isn’t exactly the clean-cut American girl with a pristine backstory. This could be yet another brick in the wall between Prince Harry’s liberal bride-to-be and the royal family.

Markle has already come under fire for nude photos having surfaced, among other things, including an obsession with the royal family from a very young age that she tried to hide. Perhaps this jewelry trend is Markle’s attempt at appropriating occultic culture or a representation of something more deliberate. Maybe, it’s just a telling coincidence. Either way, I have a feeling that Prince Harry may be in for a bigger surprise than he thought.

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