WATCH: Harvey Flood Victims Catch Looters On Video, Shocked When They Realize Who They Are

A shocking video has emerged out of flood damaged Houston, Texas, where victims of Hurricane Harvey caught looters red-handed in their home. More shocking to the homeowners than the selfish act itself was realizing who the thieves are. Now, the thugs are going to pay a heavy price for delivering this devastating double-blow to people who were already flood victims and now burglary victims as well.

Screenshot from video surveillance footage, Brandon Bonesteel (inset, left), Richard Edwards (inset, right) (Photo Credits: YouTube/Cliff News, Houston Police Department)

According to local news source KTRK, Houston resident Jordan Blair, whose two-story home was flooded by Hurricane Harvey, was shocked when his surveillance cameras caught looters in the act as they rifled through his upstairs drawers looking for valuables.

What is even more shocking is that Blair and his roommate recognized the men who were caught on video in their upstairs bedrooms. When you learn who was trying to steal from these flood victims, it will truly make your blood boil.

According to the Houston Chronicle, Blair and the woman he rents a room from named Laura Quinn hired two men from a cleanup and restoration company called Servpro. Both of the men can be seen on the home surveillance footage rifling through Blair and Quinn’s belongings while using their phones flashlights.

It takes a pretty demented person to victimize people who have just had the lower floor of their home destroyed by a flood. The two suspects caught on camera have been identified by Houston police as 23-year-old Brandon Bonesteel and 22-year-old Richard Edwards. The men are both from Michigan.

Blair and Quinn were first flood victims, and now, they’re burglary victims, thanks to Bonesteel and Edwards, who decided to loot when they were hired to restore. The two thugs were contractors working for Servpro and should have been busy mitigating flood damage on the first floor of the home. Instead, Blair said the two men used the opportunity to try to steal his and Quinn’s possessions. “Like what a double blow to someone’s life right now,” he said. “You just can’t trust everybody.”

Sadly, Blair and Quinn returned home after the storm to find a foot and a half of water on the first floor of their residence. It was the homeowner’s association that the two residents belong to that hired Servpro to begin the cleanup. On Tuesday, September 5, 2017, Blair and Quinn checked the cameras they had installed in their bedrooms to keep an eye on their pets, and that is when police say they discovered the two men going through their things.

“They clearly went up there with the intent to steal,” said Blair. There was no flood damage on the second floor. Houston police took Bonesteel and Edwards into custody the same day, and they are both being charged with Burglary Habitation, which is a second-degree felony. Normally, it would carry a penalty of 2-20 years. In a time of emergency, the sentencing guidelines are increased to 5 years to life in prison.

Kim Brooks, a corporate communications specialist from Servpro, said that both men were fired immediately. She also provided the following statement in regard to the shocking incident:

“We are very troubled by the allegation involving the employees of a SERVPRO Franchise operator. We in no way condone these actions, which run contrary to SERVPRO’s values and culture. It is our understanding the franchise operator has terminated the employment of these individuals. We will continue to investigate and follow the situation and take any other action deemed necessary or appropriate to help ensure this will not occur again in the future. The SERVPRO franchise system looks forward to continuing to assist the residents of the State of Texas in their time of need.”

Bonesteel and Edwards will now pay heavily for victimizing two innocent people who were just trying to put their lives back together after Hurricane Harvey flooded their home. In my opinion, the Texas judge who sentences these two clowns should be as considerate of them as they were of their victims. These thugs deserve a harsh punishment for their heartless, vile act.

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