After Harvey, Hero Cops Return Home To Find ‘Thank You’ From Mother Nature At Their Door

After Hurricane Harvey unleashed its wrath on Texas, cops across the state didn’t hesitate to step up and save lives, and many of their stories have made national headlines. However, there’s one story that isn’t getting the attention it should. After these hero cops were finished working hours on end to rescue countless victims, they returned home to find a brutal “thank you” from mother nature at their door.

After Harvey, Hero Cops Return Home To Find 'Thank You' From Mother Nature At Their Door
Home destroyed by Hurricane Harvey (background), Douglas Griffith (inset) (Photo Credit: Screengrab/Fox News)

While these heroic police officers were away from their loved ones and their homes, rescuing people trapped after Harvey’s wrath, they didn’t have a moment to stop and think about themselves. However, when the flood waters began to recede, they were able to return to their own homes for some rest. Unfortunately, when they returned home, they quickly realized that mother nature has a sick way of saying, “Thank you.”

These police officers’ personal lives were also dramatically changed by Hurricane Harvey. “More than 500 Houston Police officers have been affected by flooding and more than 100 of them have completely lost their homes,” according to Fox News. While these officers were out risking their lives for others, their homes were being flooded and completely destroyed.

Luckily, as people across the nation learn about what these police officers are going through, donations are beginning to pour in. Many people are donating the typical food, water, clothing, and other everyday items while others are donating money to Unlike many other charity companies, one hundred percent of the proceeds go to officers and their families in critical need of help.

“I can’t say enough about the people who have come out and helped us. We’ve had people delivering food to our officers every single day,” said Douglas Griffith, vice president of the police union, according to Blue Lives Matter. “I can’t tell you how blessed we’ve been with all the donations.”

There are other kind people in the area who are helping the officers who have lost too much, as well. Trinity Lutheran Church, which is located near the Houston police station, is accepting donations for officers and allowing them to take showers at their facility. In addition, the church’s gym is set up like a store for officers to shop around and pick up anything they need.

“We’ve been encouraging people to look after their neighbor. Jesus says help your neighbor,” said Michael Dorn, senior pastor at Trinity Lutheran Church. “This is our way of saying thanks, and we’re willing to share our space to help and be good neighbors too,” said Dorn.

Remarkably, the donations are coming from everywhere. The church recently received a truck full of donations from men who drove 16 hours from Florida and a van full of donations from a group of women from North Carolina. In fact, they have received so many donations, they’ve been forced to send some items to other agencies that are helping the victims. They are currently being sent to other police departments near Corpus Christi and Rockport.

“It’s been really phenomenal for us,” said Griffith. “Our guys have stepped up and done a wonderful job. And I’m proud of every single one of them.”

These men and women don’t quit. In fact, most of them haven’t been home for an extended amount of time solely because they have been working around the clock to help others. Now, as things settle down some, they are forced to face and clean up their own flooded homes, which were neglected as they focused on helping others. They are truly remarkable men and women, selflessly serving when they have plenty of problems of their own.

Although mother nature had a nasty “thank you” waiting for them, people are coming together to help the heroes of Hurricane Harvey, just like they did for the other victims, and we can’t think of more deserving people. These are the brave men and women who not only selflessly put their lives on the line for others but put the needs of strangers before their own. They’re exactly what the victims in Texas needed, and thankfully, people across the country were able to step up and make sure these heroes were being taken care of too.

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