Two Cases Prove Hate Crimes Aren’t As Black & White As Liberal Media Says

The liberal media has pushed the narrative that, ever since Donald Trump has been elected, there has been a wave of hate crimes by supporters of the President against minorities. According to the FBI, hate crimes have indeed been on the rise, but even so, it’s not as black and white as the media claims. Two recent cases are exposing an ugly truth the left has tried to ignore.

Fynn Ajani Arthur (left), Alan Dale Covington (right) (Photo Credit: Baltimore police/SLC PD)

As it turns out, many of these hate crimes are committed by minorities against other minorities and some of them are straight up hoaxes. Proving just that, a black student was busted for hate-criming himself, and another black man was arrested for trying “to kill a Mexican.” So much for that Trump-related wave of hate.

The Baltimore Sun reports that Goucher College in Towson, Maryland, was rocked by racist graffiti targeting African American students recently. There were two incidents in which swastikas and “KKK” tags were found on campus targeting specific black students by name. Amazingly enough, one of the students, Fynn Ajani Arthur — whom the Sun refers to as “black” himself, was arrested for being the person who put up the racist graffiti.

Fynn Ajani Arthur, a 21-year-old from Brunswick, Maine, was arrested at about 6 p.m. on the Towson campus Thursday and charged with two counts of malicious destruction of property, Baltimore County police said. …

The graffiti found Thursday included swastikas and “KKK,” and appeared to include the last names of four black students, including Arthur, who is also black, according to police.

This Maryland “hate crime” was a complete hoax, but despite the fact that it was a black man targeting himself and other black students, there is a crazy sentiment that this was some serious racism:

Still, some black students on campus Friday continued to harbor concerns following the news of Arthur’s arrest.

Senior Cydnii Jones said the graffiti incidents were symptoms of a larger issue of racism on campus.

If the racism issue on campus is that black students are faking hate crimes by targeting themselves, then Cydnii Jones is correct.

In Utah, there was a genuine hate crime, but it also didn’t involve a guy in a MAGA hat. The Salt Lake Tribune reports that 50-year-old Alan Dale Covington walked into a Salt Lake City tire shop holding a metal bar he stole from a road sign.

“I hate Mexicans. I f—ing hate Mexicans,” said Covington.

Eighteen-year-old Luis Gustavo Lopez, son of the shop’s owner, was working on a project and asked what the angry black man was talking about. “I’m here to kill a Mexican,” replied Covington.

When Covington then started to swing the metal bar at Lopez, his father Jose came running in to protect his son. Covington hit Jose in the back and then cracked Luis in the face, knocking him out cold. Another family member rushed into the shop and scared Covington away. The black man was later arrested and charged with “suspicion of two counts of aggravated assault.”

Luis suffered a shattered cheekbone and eye socket as well as a collapsed sinus and is still in intensive care. His father Jose needed 8 stitches as a result of the attack.

Despite the fact that Covington said he hated and wanted to kill Mexicans, police are reluctant to classify this attack as a hate crime. “We don’t want to ignore a hate crime if it’s a hate crime, but we don’t want to make it a hate crime if there’s not that aspect of it,” said Salt Lake City police Detective Greg Wilking.

Even crazier, the Lopez family blames President Donald Trump for a black man attacking two Hispanic men.

The Lopez family blames at least some of the motivation for the slurs on President Donald Trump. Tensions over race and ethnicity have played out across the nation since his 2016 election, fueled by his hard-line views of illegal immigration. Trump has specifically called immigrants coming from Mexico “rapists” who bring crime and drugs. And he’s repeatedly tied the country’s residents to violent gangs.

See, there’s that liberal media narrative that Trump is inspiring a wave of hate, even in the case of a black man attacking some Mexicans. To be clear, Trump specifically referred to some illegal immigrants from Mexico as being rapists and criminals, but never said that about all Mexicans. He also never tied all Mexicans to violent gangs, but has waged a campaign against MS-13, which hails from El Salvador. In addition to pushing the BS liberal media narrative, this is fake news perpetuating a liberal lie against President Trump.

The liberal media campaign of disinformation has twisted people’s minds so badly that they are blaming Trump for a black guy hoaxing a hate crime against himself and another black guy attacking Mexicans. There is hate going on in this country, but it wasn’t inspired by the President and it isn’t perpetrated by his supporters. It’s too bad the fake news can’t let go of their BS narrative and report the truth about who is really committing these hate crimes.

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