Another “Health Crisis” Has The Left Excited To Legislate More Bans

There is a new health crisis for the EPA and the left to focus on, so maybe they will leave our guns alone for now. With around 40,000 deaths per year just in the United Kingdom, there is sure to be more legislation coming soon, and it has already begun in the US.

The left can’t seem to keep their hands off of freedom. A 106-page report by the Royal College of Physicians and the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health is saying that wood burning stoves contribute to 40,000 deaths per year, thanks to hazardous indoor pollutants. The carcinogens are linked to cancer, diabetes, and asthma. Although, most people who suffer those ailments in the United States are hardly ever around a wood burning stove. So how is this a crisis?

A typical wood burning stove
A typical wood burning stove

The left thinks the 30,000 gun deaths in the United States is a worldwide crisis. Keep in mind, that 30,000 is made up by the left and includes justifiable homicides and suicides. The real number of “gun violence deaths” from 2012 is 8855, according to the FBI.  That hasn’t stopped the left from attempts to ban guns, so don’t expect a liberal to ever be honest when throwing around numbers in the first place.

Nonetheless, a ban on wood burning stoves has already begun in places such as the overly liberal Bay Area of California. Not only that, but those with a wood burning stove in their home must give a potential buyer a disclosure statement about the dangers of burning wood indoors. The next step is to eliminate all wood burning in the area.

Of course, the leftists respond in true liberal form by increasing regulations on those that don’t live like they do. “We are serious about reducing the health risks associated with our residents’ exposure to wood smoke,” said Kristine Roselius, an air district spokeswoman. “We are strengthening a rule that has been successful in protecting public health.”

Notice the similar language to those that wish to ban guns, or greatly limit their use. Some politicians believe that We the People are far too idiotic to make these decisions on our own. We are too dumb to know whether we need a gun, and we aren’t smart enough to look into the hazards of a wood burning stove, according to some lawmakers. In comes the “oh-so-tolerant” left with their rules to prevent people from living their lives in the manner they choose. Meanwhile, I’ll be cleaning my guns by a nice warm fire until they pry them from my hands.

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