Health Inspector Visits Muslim School, Finds Nasty Surprise When He Enters Girls’ Bathroom

Schools are regularly visited by officials who determine whether they are complying with basic health standards, and religious institutions are no exception. However, when a health inspector visited one such school recently, he was sickened by the nasty surprise he found upon entering the girls’ bathroom.

An Iraqi girl looks on as she attends a class at a school in west Mosul on July 27, 2017 (left); A public toilet (right) (Photo Credit: SAFIN HAMED/AFP/Getty Images, Pixabay)

A Muslim girls school in the UK has received the lowest possible health rating after an inspector visited and found that administrators were depriving the female students of toilet paper for “cultural reasons.”

A Muslim girls’ school has received the lowest Ofsted rating available after inspectors discovered that pupils were not provided with lavatory paper for “cultural reasons.”

Staff at the fee-paying Park Avenue Girls’ High School, in Stoke-on-Trent, said paper was available from the school office, but because most of the students were Asian, they preferred to wash rather than wipe.

But some of the girls told inspectors they were so unhappy about the situation that they avoided using the lavatory all day.

The school, which was visited by inspectors October, was rated “inadequate,” with the report identifying a range of concerns, including safeguarding problems and the discovery of sectarian material on the premises. [Source: The Telegraph]

The Telegraph refers to the students as “Asian,” which is how the European media references Muslims. It appears that these “Asian” students were not very happy that they had been deprived of toilet paper, though, considering many of them “avoided using the lavatory all day.”

The inspector’s report stated, “At the time of the inspection, it was not the school’s common practice to provide soap for pupils’ hand-washing, toilet roll in the toilets or suitable drinking water. Toilet paper is available from the school office when pupils request it. Pupils told inspectors that they sometimes avoided using toilets for the whole school day because of this.”

Indeed, it would seem that these students prefer to use toilet paper, and who could blame them? The Islamic alternative involves sticking your hand in fresh feces, and the school didn’t even offer hand soap for cleansing afterward.

It appears that administrators at the British school are forcing students to operate under Sharia Law, which instructs Muslims to splash their anus with water and then wipe it with their hand after defecating. The Quran also suggests that Muslims wash their hands after wiping their rear ends, although that is only a suggestion.

The anus must be washed with water after defecating. Similarly, the penis and vulva must be washed with water after urinating. This washing is known as istinja. The Qur’an suggests that one should wash one’s hands as well, which is discussed in verse 5:6. [Source: Wikipedia on Islamic toilet etiquette]

This did not happen in Libya or Afghanistan. These are British girls being deprived of basic sanitary tools. In Western countries, it is not part of the “culture” to wipe your butt with your hand after taking a dump. So, why is this sort of thing being encouraged in the UK?

What we should be promoting is the assimilation of Muslims who immigrate to Western countries. After all, if their culture is so great, why move in the first place?

By allowing these unsanitary practices in the name of “tolerance,” we are essentially saying that there is no need for Muslims to assimilate to the Western way of life because we will accept the influence of their culture on our own. Why on earth would we want to do that? Again, if it was so great in the first place, why are migrants fleeing Muslim-majority countries in droves?

Of course, none of this would even be an issue in the first place if we didn’t insist on being politically correct at all costs.

It is important that we look to what is happening in Europe as an example of what to expect should we make the same mistake in America by allowing millions of Middle Eastern migrants to invade our borders. European countries are now so overrun with issues stemming from rampant Muslim immigration that a lack of toilet paper in school restrooms is the least of their worries, disgusting as it may be.

Do we really want to get to the point where our authorities are preoccupied with policing the sexual assault and violent crime that inevitably accompanies an influx of unvetted migrants that we have to choose our battles by allowing schools to go without toilet paper in their restrooms? I think not. That’s not a society I am comfortable raising my children in. Please share this news if the thought of making a discovery like this in America makes your blood boil.

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