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Tortured Teen Girl Found Weighing 37 Pounds, Then Cops Make 2nd Horrid Discovery About Her

The story of a tortured teen girl has surfaced on social media, detailing the unimaginable abuse she suffered at the hands of her own family. Authorities found the girl just in time — weighing only 37 pounds when she was rushed to a nearby hospital for treatment. However, after getting the victim the help she so desperately needed, cops then made a second horrid discovery about her. […]

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CNN’s Doctor Diagnoses Trump With ‘Heart Disease’ On Live TV, Regrets It Seconds Later

Dr. Sanjay Gupta, a CNN contributor, diagnosed President Donald Trump with “heart disease” on live television Wednesday amid the media firestorm surrounding the president’s yearly physical. This, despite the fact that Donald Trump is not one of Gupta’s patients, and the president’s own doctor stated emphatically that he is in excellent health. However, Gupta regretted his decision seconds later when karma caught up with him. […]

Liberal Reporter Calls Trump Doctor A Liar To His Face, Gets Shut Down With 3 Brutal Words
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ABC Reporter Calls Trump’s Doctor A Liar To His Face, Gets Shut Down With 3 Brutal Words

Liberals don’t seem to care who they insult so long as they can bash President Donald Trump in the process. In fact, one reporter from left-leaning ABC News demonstrated just that as he called the White House physician a liar to his face. Too bad for him, things blew up in his face as the doctor shut him down — and it only took 3 words to do it. […]