Disturbing Trend Leaving Stupid Teens In Avoidable Life Threatening Situation
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WARNING: Disturbing New Trend Leaves Stupid Teens In Avoidable Life-Threatening Situation

Every now and then, a new social media challenge emerges that teens are all too eager to participate in, while the rest of us are left shaking our heads. Sadly, several of these challenges have put participants in the hospital or, even worse, left them dead. Unfortunately, the troubling trends just keep coming, and the latest disturbing challenge has left several stupid teens in avoidable life-threatening situations that parents need to be aware of before their child ends up being next. […]

Texas Woman's Flesh Begins To Rot, Dies From Eating Common Food People Love
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Texas Woman’s Flesh Begins To Rot, Dies From Eating Common Food Many People Love

A woman from Texas decided to go out with some friends for some fun in Louisiana, but when she returned home, things took a terrible turn when her flesh began to rot. In fact, after 21 days of fighting for her life, she would lose the battle and die an untimely death all from eating a common food many people love, and now, her family is trying to spread a warning so no one else makes the same mistake. […]

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Trump Drops Historic Bombshell On Liberal Alarmists & Leaves Them Fuming HOT

One of the things true patriots love about President Donald  Trump is his ability to enrage the left. A simple comment, a short tweet, can send them into a spiral of insanity. It’s one of his best skills. On a regular basis, he humiliates his dishonest critics with a strong dose of the truth. This week was no different. He took to Twitter to slam liberals for their obsession with global warming. What he said will no doubt have them fuming hot. […]