Totally Healthy Veteran Mistakes Symptoms For Common Cold, Now He’s Fighting For His Life

It’s the season for colds, and people all across the country are dealing with them. So, when one totally healthy Navy Veteran started to feel a little sick, he simply pressed on, mistaking his symptoms for a common cold that would pass on its own. However, days later, his family is in tears as he’s been left fighting for his life.

'Totally Healthy' Veteran Gets Christmas Cold, Days Later The Unthinkable Happened
Navy Veteran Shawn Burroughs and his kids (left), Shawn Burroughs in the hospital (right) (Photo Credit: Screengrab/Pix 11)

Navy Veteran Shawn Burrough of Lakeside, California, was spending Christmas with his family when he began to experience the typical symptoms of an oncoming cold. However, by New Year’s Day, his family was in tears when the unthinkable happened, leaving him fighting for his life.

“He had a little chest congestion, headache, body ache — the usual stuff where you’re like, OK, I’m getting the flu,” said his wife, Jennifer, according to Pix 11. However, as most adults tend to do, he continued to work through his sickness and didn’t offer his body any time to rest.

The next thing they knew, on New Year’s Day, they were in the emergency room because Shawn couldn’t breathe. To the family’s horror, the unthinkable had happened – they were told Shawn was in Renal failure all because of the flu.

“He couldn’t breathe. They had to rush me out, they had to intubate him and sedate him,” said Jennifer. “They told me he was in renal failure, his white count was through the roof, he has severe pneumonia.” She continued, “He’s in renal failure because of the infection in his blood. He’s getting dialysis.”

Currently, Shawn remains heavily sedated and on a ventilator at Sharp Grossmont Hospital as Jennifer heartbreakingly admits that she and her family had decided not to get the flu shot this year since the success rate was so low.

On top of Shawn getting sick, the two younger children of their four have also tested positive for the flu virus. However, there’s no way to know now whether the flu shot would have actually prevented the strain of the virus Shawn and the children contracted. Thankfully, Jennifer explained, “The doctor checked [the kids] out. Their lungs are clear. Thank God everything’s fine.”

'Totally Healthy' Veteran Gets Christmas Cold, Days Later The Unthinkable Happened
Shawn Burroughs (Photo Credit: Screengrab/Pix 11)

Unfortunately, the same couldn’t be said about Shawn. Looking back, Jennifer wishes she would have been more careful and forced him to go to the doctors. If she had, they wouldn’t be in this situation. “Other than being a little overweight he’s totally healthy, a totally healthy guy,” said Jennifer. “If you’re sick — I mean, the first cough, I don’t care if it’s not the flu — go get seen just in case. You never know.”

Since Shawn has been hospitalized, each day has been a struggle for his wife. “He’s my rock. He’s the love of my life, sole provider, [a] great man,” she said. “He’s everything.” In an effort to help ease the burden, friends and family of the Burrough’s have set up a fundraising page to help pay for expenses. They have already earned over $4,700 of their $5,000 goal.

While the need for the flu shot is debatable, what happened to this family should serve as a warning to others who may dismiss their flu symptoms as “just a cold.” Whether you choose to vaccinate or not should be a well-researched choice that you make on your own, but regardless of that decision, when your body is sick, it’s imperative that you give it the rest it needs to recover. Although working and earning money is necessary for most of us, our health should always come first. You are no help to your family if you’re dead.

Unfortunately, this family is facing the unimaginable, but hopefully, their tragedy will help save someone’s life. Meanwhile, we here at Mad World News are praying for Shawn’s recovery, so he can continue his life with his loving family. God always has a plan and He is the Great Physician, so hopefully, Shawn is meant to survive and tell his story in order to save many, many lives in the future.