Hell Begins For Hillary After The News She Got At Breakfast This Morning

If Hillary Clinton thought that losing the election was the worst possible thing that could happen to her, she’s got another thing coming. In fact, hell has only begun for the former presidential hopeful after the news she got at breakfast this morning – and it’s downright delectable.

Hell Begins For Hillary After The News She Got At Breakfast This Morning
Hillary Clinton thought she was free and clear

Crooked Hillary Clinton is full of corruption, and all of it is about to come boiling to the top. Although Trey Gowdy, who could be America’s next Attorney General, said that there is more than enough evidence to prosecute the woman on her email scandal, that may not even be her biggest concern.

In fact, she just got some very bad news that could take down the very thing that she cares most about – her money. According to The Daily Caller, “A former senior law enforcement official told The Daily Caller News Foundation Tuesday that all 10 FBI agents in the Little Rock field office who are assigned to public corruption cases are working full-time on the foundation.”

However, this query goes far beyond the small Arkansas town as other agencies in New York, Los Angeles, Miami, and Washington, D.C. are even involved in the investigation at this point. In fact, former U.S. Attorney Joseph DiGenova explained that “there is a mountain of credible evidence that the foundation was being improperly run, had not filed appropriate filings with the IRS and state agencies. It’s clearly involved in a bribery conspiracy scandal with the Department of State.”

As if that wasn’t enough to send a shiver down dear old Hillary’s spine, the expert drove his point home by adding, “I don’t think there’s any doubt it should be shut down.” Although the public has known for quite some time, Hillary was using the organization during her time as Secretary of State to funnel bribe money to her in exchange for favors that the office in which she held made capable – what many refer to as “pay-to-play.”

Hell Begins For Hillary After The News She Got At Breakfast This Morning
Not so funny when Democrats abandon Hillary Clinton and now she actually has to face the music for her crimes

“I think we need to be concerned that between 2009 to 2013, it appears the Clinton Foundation donors were given special access to the State Department,” said former U.S. Attorney Matthew Whitaker. However, now that the highest-ranking Democrats in the nation have abandoned her after losing the election and are no longer willing to protect her, it seems that all bets are off — and the walls are closing in.

Rep. Marsha Blackburn expects multiple congressional hearings on the foundation. “I think you’re going to see judiciary and government reform committees do their work on it,” she told TheDCNF. Blackburn, who launched a series of congressional inquiries into the foundation, said state attorneys general should also be involved. State attorneys general typically have jurisdiction in any state where the Clinton Foundation solicited funds.

Blackburn, a Tennessee Republican who is vice chairman of the House Committee on Energy and Commerce, said the Clinton Foundation should reform itself or go out of business.

“The foundation should be given an opportunity to either to come into compliance with the law or shut their doors,” she said. [Source: The Daily Caller]

It’s almost time to stick a fork in Hillary Clinton as she’s just about done at this point. With her safety net of unlimited immunity no longer beneath her and no one willing to stick their necks out for her anymore, well, things are about to get rough for her. The truth is coming down the tracks right now, and long-awaited justice is just around the bend.

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