Hero Shows Migrant What Happens To Rapists, Liberal Judge Has Other Plans

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When a gym owner served up a well-deserved dose of Western hospitality to a migrant who followed a young woman into a changing room to rape her, locals called him a hero. However, when the illegal immigrant was brought to court, a leftist judge had a sickening response.

In a fitness facility in Lahr, Germany, a young woman is thanking her lucky stars that the gym’s owner heard her screams for help, after a migrant followed her into the women’s locker room and attacked her on January 28. According to German newspaper Badische Zeitung, the woman was being molested by a 21-year-old unnamed “fugitive,” until the owner came to her rescue.

Of course, the seemingly scrawny pervert attempted to flee the scene when he saw who answered her cries, but the health club owner wasn’t about to let the sexual offender of one of his customers get away so easily. The owner chased the deviant outside, tackled him to the ground, and effortlessly held him at bay until German police arrived.

The owner was immediately praised as a hero, but after seeing what happened to the molester’s court case, he’s probably wishing he had done more damage.

Badische Zeitung confirms that police initially charged the man with sexual assault, but after detaining and identifying him, they quickly minimized the charges and released the attacker on February 3.

Adding insult to injury, the judge determined that since the offender was interrupted from rape by the owner, he was unable to sexually assault her and therefore should not be charged.

In the Live Leak video, the detained man has a slight accent, most likely Arabic. While we cannot confirm his background, since police refuse to give the media any fodder, we can conclude other unspoken details.

German police have long been accused of minimizing and even dropping charges altogether for migrants and refugees, mostly Muslims. This shocking notion was soon a reality, as federal officers have come forward to reveal that orders were handed down from German Chancellor Angela Merkel to their superiors, forcing them to allow asylum seekers and illegals to literally walk free after these attacks, even if they are fugitives of the law like the unnamed molester.

Of course, German citizens understand this dangerous bias all too well, expressing their outrage towards police freeing migrants and refugees who are raping, assaulting, and terrorizing their children and grandchildren. Along with the attendees of a town hall meeting, one grandfather even called for the removal of Bad Schlema’s mayor after the callous politician blamed the man’s 10-year-old granddaughter tempting refugees, saying, “just don’t provoke them and don’t walk in these areas.”

Although Germany differs from the U.S. in various ways, we can see that liberalism is the same in every country it touches. The justification of rape and terrorism never fails, so long as the perpetrators are one of the favored minorities. Open borders have caused Germans to conform to their attackers’ customs, while the continued invasion of fake refugees refuses to assimilate.

Heroes like the gym owner are slowly being chastised and criminalized, forcing the defenders of humanity to curl up and stay silent, and with it rapists are back out on the streets. It won’t be long before Germany submits to Sharia law, ravaged into surrender by the very hordes they welcomed.

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