Hide Your ‘Kids,’ Rapist On The Prowl Claiming Unlikely Victims In Florida

A woman is convinced that repeated rape is occurring on her property with an elusive pervert claiming unlikely victims. Apparently, it’s time to hide your “kids” because they are raping everybody — or should I say everything — in Florida.

Sharon Cruz-Pecina is certain that someone is trespassing on her property and sexually assaulting her animals — more specifically, her goats. After having goats for milk for five years, due to her husband’s lactose intolerance which is unaffected by goat milk, she’s found herself dealing with something she never imagined, and she’s pleading for mercy.

Sharon and one of the alleged victims.
Sharon and one of the alleged victims.

“Please leave my goats alone, please repent, please turn yourself in,” the Caryville resident desperately pleaded, stating that her goats have been victimized since at least last summer.

It all started last April, when a neighbor spotted and identified a man lingering in the area where Sharon houses her goats, which was reportedly about a mile away from her home. Sharon is adamant that the man has been sexually assaulting three of her goats. “He’s been attacking them and raping them,” she said. “I’m not jumping to conclusions.”


According to WJHG, this isn’t the man’s first crime against animals, as Sharon claims that the same man was charged in 2014 with engaging in sexual activity with an animal. “There is numerous people within the mile, two miles of this guy’s home who’ve had problems of him attacking their goats,” she also explained.

Unfortunately, even with evidence of the assault on her goats in the form of photographs and barbed wire in their pens, Sharon doesn’t feel police are taking her seriously. “I have had the officers out here a few times, I just didn’t call [again] because I didn’t think like they were taking me serious,” she explained.


When a local news source reached out to the Washington County Sheriff’s Office, they confirmed the investigation with the following statement:

“Washington County Sheriff’s office has received a complaint from Ms. Sharon Anne Cruz-Pecina. This is an open case at this time. We are investigating this case as diligently and as thoroughly as we would any criminal investigation.”

In the meantime, Sharon said she’s trying to catch the suspect. “We have been trying to catch him on video, but he seems very elusive,” she explained. She’s also waiting on DNA results from a rape kit she had performed on one of the goats in September.

Sharon stated the obvious about the perpetrator, saying, “He’s not normal. He needs help and the law needs to arrest him, and get him the help he needs.” She also hopes the suspect is caught before he can do more damage, but it’s unlikely this perp is a priority for police, considering the weight – or lack thereof – that Florida puts on such a crime. Unfortunately, in 2008, a bill in Florida to make sex with animals a felony failed. However, lawmakers succeeded in making it a misdemeanor in 2011 after at least three tries to make it law.

This is the world we leave in today, and it’s stories like this that leave one wondering if we should laugh or cry. Even with all the jokes that can be made, the fact is, there’s a deranged, sexual deviant on the lose, terrorizing helpless animals. Unfortunately, if he’s willing to prey on a vulnerable living creature, one can’t assume that depravity is limited to the barnyard. Hopefully, he’s caught before the next innocent “kid,” who he takes advantage of to fulfill his sadistic desires, is one that doesn’t have four legs, but two.

[h/t: Right Wing News]

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