Worker SHOCKED By What’s Hiding Inside Old Shirt Donated To Goodwill

Old Shirt Donated To Goodwill, Worker SHOCKED By What’s Hiding Inside
Caitlin Mulvihill (left) and the donated shirt (right)

Instead of throwing out old or unwanted clothing items, many people donate them to thrift stores, where employees then sort through the items for their storefront. What’s usually a mundane task, however, took a turn when one Goodwill employee was given the job of going through a pile of clothes that had been donated, and she was soon left shocked to see what was hiding inside one of the shirts.

Linda Hoffman, from Placentia, California, had decided to go through her home and get rid of her family’s unwanted items. After she collected a bag of clothes, she dropped it off at a nearby Goodwill drop-off station. However, a few days later, she would be begging a Goodwill employee to look for one specific shirt because of something that had been hidden in its pocket.

In one of the shirts that had belonged to her husband Bob Hoffman, he had been secretly stashing away money to surprise her with a vacation — $8,000 cash, to be exact. However, you can imagine his surprise when the shirt containing his fortune was taken and donated.

After confessing his plan, Bob and Linda immediately called the staff at the Goodwill to track down the shirt. As soon as employee Caitlin Mulvihill arrived for her shift, her manager immediately set her on a mission to find the salmon-colored long sleeve shirt.

Old Shirt Donated To Goodwill, Worker SHOCKED By What’s Hiding Inside
Linda Hoffman and Goodwill employee Caitlin Mulvihill (Source: Mercury News)

“Chances were slim since it was a couple of days ago,” Mulvihill recalled, according to Inside Edition. After searching for hours, Mulvihill spotted a random pile of shirts and prayed that the shirt was inside the pile. Luckily, the shirt she had been looking for was there, along with the $8,000 in cash still sitting safely in the shirt pocket, much to Mulvihill’s shock and relief.

“We get tons of clothes through every day, so it’s kind of miraculous we were able to find it,” Mulvihill explained. “[Linda] was very grateful. She was just glad I was honest and glad we were able to find it.”

Thanks to Mulvihill and a lot of luck, Bob won’t have to cancel his plans to take his wife to Italy when he retires, using the money that had been temporarily lost in the donated shirt to Goodwill.

There are many different possibilities of where the money could have ended up, other than back in the Hoffman’s hands. Clearly, anyone could have stumbled upon the money and kept it for themselves, but luckily that wasn’t the case. God truly had a hand in this couple’s miracle, and now, they can enjoy their vacation to Italy and appreciate it even more.

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