Hillary Urges 6th Grade Girl To Disgrace Flag At School, Patriots Make Her Regret It

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It seems failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton can’t stand that she is fading from Americans’ minds. So, Clinton found this little girl that she is using to do her sick bidding, all to stir up trouble. After Hillary urges the 6th-grade girl to disgrace the flag at school, outraged patriots made the former Secretary of State immediately regret it. Don’t miss this.

Mariana Taylor (left) Hilary Clinton (right) (Photo Credit: CBS Baltimore/Screenshot, Chris Jackson/Getty Images)

Failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton took advantage of a poor child, who was being manipulated to think that kneeling while her class said the Pledge of Allegiance is the proper thing to do.

Mariana Taylor of Catonsville Middle School made headlines in May after she brought a form of the NFL’s national anthem protests to her 6th-grade classroom. The Maryland girl’s story received new life this week when Hillary noticed a video of her on Twitter.

The Washington Post reported in May that Taylor, a student at Catonsville Middle School, is a “sixth-grader with strong beliefs about racial injustice, sexism, gay rights and President Trump’s proposed wall at the Mexico border.”

So we are to believe this 11-year-old kid, all on her own with no manipulation from any adults, has “strong beliefs about racial injustice, sexism, gay rights and President Trump’s proposed wall at the Mexico border?”

When you listen to this kid trying to explain “her beliefs,” it’s obvious that she coached and is being used as a pawn by her parents who are encouraging the disgraceful behavior. The teacher tried to explain to Mariana why “taking a knee” is inappropriate.

“On the third day of her taking a knee, she [Mariana] said, her teacher told her the rule was to stand and that she should stand to honor the good things in America, rather than worry about injustice. The teacher also mentioned having family overseas and said Mariana was disrespecting the country by kneeling, according to a detailed letter from the ACLU,” reports the Washington Post.

The teacher at one point argued that she acted out of concern for Mariana, worrying that the girl was fixated on the nation’s problems, according to the ACLU letter. Now, there is a good teacher speaking the truth. Clearly, this child isn’t mature enough to understand the complexities of the political landscape in America.

Mariana left the class in tears. “It was very upsetting that she [the teacher] came up and confronted me and said I was disrespecting the country,” she said. Well, sometimes the truth is upsetting, but this part of the story is just untrue, as you will see.

According to the Post, Taylor says she was reprimanded by her teacher. However, the school has said the student wasn’t punished for her actions.

We know of no [Baltimore County Public Schools] student who has been reprimanded or punished for nonparticipation in patriotic observances,” the school said in a statement. “We fully support students’ rights and encourage student voice as articulated in board policy.”

Which brings us to Hillary Clinton, who did such a great job raising Chelsea. Just this week, Chelsea Clinton made headlines saying “aborting babies is good for the economy.”

Obviously, the influence of Hillary Clinton isn’t something most parents would ever want for their own children. The former Secretary of State found Mariana Taylor’s speech on Twitter and decided to troll the eleven-year-old to get her own name back in the headlines.

“It takes courage to exercise your right to protest injustice, especially when you’re 11! Keep up the good work Mariana,” tweeted Hillary Clinton.

Americans hammered Hillary immediately after she urged this poor child to continue to “take a knee.” Michael Simpson was livid and let the failed presidential candidate have it, tweeting, “You will stand at attention and honor the anthem and our flag. Countless men and women have fought for our nation defending freedom and you will respect and honor the Fallen and our nation and the flag. There is no debate nor is there any discussion.”

Kelly Blakley tweeted to Mrs. Clinton, “Nope! Just think it’s pathetic for anyone to kneel for the anthem/flag—period! And then to applaud them for spitting on all the men/women who have fought under that flag and what it represents.”

Hillary Clinton now has her Twitter-feed filled with outraged patriots blasting her over her stupid propaganda stunt. Leftists will use anyone to make their sick political points, even their very own kids.

Clinton said back in the 1990’s, “It takes a village to raise a child.” Well, conservatives strongly reject that. Hands off our children, and when it comes to the American flag, we teach our kids about all those who sacrificed their lives to keep America free.

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