Hillary Campaign Frantic To Bury Old Video Of Her Going On ‘Racist’ Rant

Since Hillary Clinton accomplished absolutely nothing during her tenure as Secretary of State, the only way she can convince Americans to vote for her this coming election is by bashing her opponent. While many of her half-brained supporters continue to buy into her rambling nonsense that “Trump is a racist,” a very unfortunate video from her past has just leaked, and it’s sure to cause a massive ripple through her presidential campaign.

Anyone possessing even a small number of properly-firing neurons in their brain realizes that Donald Trump’s plan to “build a wall” at our Southern Border is a brilliant idea, since ISIS terrorists and God-knows-what are scurrying like rats into our country by the droves. Hillary has used Trump’s platform against him in the recent months, somehow equating Trump’s concern for the safety of Americans as him being “racist.”

However, Hillary has quite a large talent. In addition to murdering people and evading prison time despite committing massive felonies, she’s also great at another thing: flip-flopping on issues whenever she thinks her evolved stance will benefit her politically. In the wonderful little compilation video below, you’ll see Hillary agreeing with Trump over immigration issues and building a wall, and by her very own assessment, she herself is a racist!

While some of the footage dates back to 2003, a few of Hillary’s most recent contradictory statements were as recently as LAST YEAR, where she actually bragged about how she spent money as a Senator to “build a barrier to try and prevent illegal immigrants from coming in.”

What a complete buffoon this woman is. How are you really going to bash someone for being a “racist” when you held those very same viewpoints as recently as 2015? Hopefully, Trump will hit her hard with all of this information during the debates and use her own words against her to bring her down.

H/T [Subject Politics]

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