Hillary Claims To Be Everyday American, But Look What She Was Carrying In NY

Although Hillary Clinton likes to pretend that she’s “just like every other American,” there’s some strong evidence to the contrary. Take, for example, what she had in her hands during a recent stop in New York, and you’ll see the serious issue with such a sentiment.

The incident was captured in photos taken during a stop that Hillary made in New York to help further her campaign. There to speak with the leftist loons on The View, the presidential hopeful hopped out of her car before making her way inside.

Hillary Sports $1,500 Purse During Stop In New York
“Everyday American” Hillary Clinton sporting $1,500 purse (Photo Source: Mail Online)

However, it seems that a few keen eyes picked up on something that others didn’t quite see at first – and it proves Hillary is anything but your average American. According to Mail Online, she had a sold out, Alexander McQueen handbag, which is valued at a whopping $1,500 – $1,645 depending on the source.

Looks like Hillary is doing rather nicely while running for president – especially seeing how she was so “broke” at the beginning of her campaign. Despite the fact that she owns two multi-million dollar mansions and gets paid hundreds of thousands of dollars just to talk to an audience, now her campaign funds are apparently helping her keep that lavish lifestyle afloat.

Hillary Sports $1,500 Purse During Stop In New York
Screenshot (Photo Source: Neiman Marcus)

There aren’t too many Americans out there who have $1,500 to blow on a purse. The fact of the matter here is actually rather simple – we’ve already experienced a president who uses the Federal Reserve as his own checking account. We don’t need another.

Hillary was already beat once while running for the presidential nomination, and she has quite a few problems looming around her criminal and treasonous background, so I really don’t see her winning this time either. With that being said, what is “poor” old Hillary going to do when she loses again?

It’s rather ironic how the biggest leeches in society are often those who are supposed to be leading us. We’ve already dealt with this nonsense long enough from Barack Obama. America needs to give this woman the boot before she can make it a habit like her predecessor. A “broke” woman with expensive tastes is a bad combination.