Hillary Clinton Used ‘Cleaner’ To Cheat, But Now We Know Who He Is

Ever since Monday’s presidential debate, speculation has swirled around a mystery man who’s been dubbed Hillary Clinton’s “Cleaner.” As rumors of how she cheated continue, Hillary’s “Cleaner” has been identified. Now, we know who he is working for as well, and it doesn’t look good.

Hillary Clinton demanded a specially made podium for the Monday night debate, and boy, was it “special.” It was so special, there’s shocking new proof that the podium had strange “electronic capabilities” and her “Cleaner” made two trips to take away evidence. Thanks to some online detectives, we have now identified Hillary’s “Cleaner,” and who he is working for will blow your mind.

Hillary Clinton was arrogant and seemed almost psychic at the debate Monday night. There is no doubt that Lester Holt was on Team Clinton with no questions on Benghazi, Hillary’s email scandal, or the Clinton Foundation. Then, there was another mystery man — Hillary’s “Cleaner” who swooped in and took away a file, but we now know he came back a second time and seemed to be disconnecting electronics and taking a small black box away.

The Cleaner’s name is Brady Williamson. He is a long-time Democrat operative and a 30-year member of the Democrat debate negotiation team.

We reported on Williamson, the “Cleaner,” swooping in to grab a file from Hillary’s podium after the debate and his very suspicious behavior, trying to pass the file off to Holt. Now, we have the “Cleaner” coming back a second time and disconnecting what looks like electronics under Hillary’s podium as other reports show him taking something like a mini-black box away.

The “Cleaner” comes back a second time and spends a minute or two disconnecting electronics inside Hillary’s podium. He is then spotted taking something away quickly.

Hillary’s podium did something really odd when she stepped away from it. Watch the video and look at the pics which prove Hillary’s podium’s front portion is lit up and that it goes to black as she steps away. Trump’s podium does not have this “special feature.”

Hillary’s podium is lit up and looks almost like a mini-teleprompter. The screen goes to black when she steps away.

Watch the video, paying attention to Hillary’s podium as she walks away, the front portion that is lit up fades to black:

So, Hillary seemed to be psychic but no earpiece could be found this time, and that is because her podium was equipped with what looks like a mini-teleprompter. Sounds crazy? It does, but after viewing all the evidence of Hillary’s special podium, you’ll see there is something really fishy going on.

Hillary’s podium has some special equipment that is missing on Trump’s podium. The “Cleaner” came back and took that special equipment away.

“There is definitely something going on there, and we already know these were custom built lecterns (podiums) for each candidate. Whatever that is on Hillary’s lectern is not seen operational on Donald Trump’s,” reports Conservative Treehouse.

The cleaner, Brady Williamson, was trying to remove, and did eventually remove, something much more than just notes atop the lectern. All of the key players are very aware of, and very cautious of, the people around them when they are in “cleaning mode.”

If you view the wrap-up portion of the debate after the candidates are just milling around and greeting people, you do see a few people with Williamson, the “Cleaner,” and they are all looking highly suspicious. Their faces are almost in panic mode, watching the cameras before the “Cleaner” makes a move toward the podium.

While we don’t want to get too much into conspiracy theories, you can’t deny that what was going on with Hillary and her podium. Her “Cleaner” proves that she was probably cheating, using some sort of electronic devices.

We all knew she would cheat, and now, we have the proof.

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