Hillary Clinton Emerges From Hiding To Blame Someone Else For Her Loss

Hillary Clinton is still not taking responsibility for her scandals, placing the blame on someone else.

Not once have we heard Hillary Clinton take the blame for being the worst candidate ever, and it seems she will continue to point fingers at everyone else rather than take responsibility for her numerous scandals. Still angry at her loss in the presidential election, Hillary has emerged from her safe space to put the blame on someone else once again, but who she is scapegoating now is actually surprising.

Hillary’s scapegoating is nothing new. She has blamed everyone and everything possible, even suggesting her top aide, Huma Abedin’s marriage to pervert Anthony Weiner was one reason she lost. We are all also very aware of the “Russian hacking” narrative pushed hard by the Obama administration without evidence until the day Barack Obama left office. But, Hillary just can’t stop blaming others, and now, she’s throwing the Democrats’ savior under the bus.

The Hillary camp says that Barack Obama is to blame. Both camps are clashing over the blame game as Hillary Clinton’s side insists Barack Obama was the biggest reason she lost, according to Clinton staffers that spoke with Axios. Hillary thinks that Obama’s lack of support was a bigger problem than her scandals and lying. Hillary’s camp is also claiming that Obama should have been much less cautious in imposing sanctions on Russia, so it’s all his fault.

Obama pretty much broke every rule on the books to campaign for Hillary Clinton. It’s well documented that he even spent taxpayer dollars and took time away from his duties to campaign for the corrupt woman. He went above and beyond, blasting Donald Trump in the months leading up to the election and helping come up with the fake “Russian hacking” story to try to explain the leaked emails, which ended up in the hands of the whistle-blowing website, Wikileaks.

The emails are probably at the top of the list for reasons Hillary lost. After all, it was shown that she’s racist and a liar and that the DNC actually colluded with her campaign staff to ensure she would get the Democrat nomination for president over her socialist rival Bernie Sanders.

Hillary Clinton at Donald Trump’s inauguration.

Hillary’s loss could be considered Obama’s fault, but it wasn’t due to lack of support. It was due to the nation-wide rejection of socialist policies like Obamacare, which have strangled citizens financially and damaged the economy. Hillary’s loss was partially due to Obama, but she misses the mark again by fabricating the reason.

It was pretty clear that Obama supported Hillary in the presidential election and only Hillary would be delusional enough not to see that. So, if Hillary wants to blame Obama for her loss, she should make sure she’s stating the right reasons to blame him and realize that she’s just as guilty. It’s the Democrat policies that the American people rejected. If anything, having Obama pushing for her is what hurt her. Of course, her own reputation and record didn’t help her either.

H/T [Fox Nation]

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