Hillary Clinton In BIG Trouble After Who Just Went Missing From DOJ’s Russia Probe

A shocking series of events just took place in the Department of Justice as someone went missing amid the Russia probe. Too bad for Hillary Clinton, she’s in big trouble because Russia wasn’t the only thing the man had been looking into.

Hillary Clinton (left), David Laufman (center), President Donald Trump (right) (Photo Credit: Win McNamee/Getty Images News/Getty Images, Department of Justice, Alex Wong/Getty Images News/Getty Images)

Although the left wants you to believe that the investigation into so-called “Russian collusion” is heating up, they’re not being entirely forthcoming. The American people are getting a better look at what happens behind the curtain, and it’s Democrats who are finding themselves in the hot seat.

Of course, the hope for impeachment isn’t going away as desperate liberals still try to ram a square peg into a round hole, but they won’t be laughing while the truth continues to unfold. There is no evidence of collusion between President Donald Trump’s campaign and Russia, but that’s not all.

As the left has allowed for this baseless investigation to endure, we’ve learned other secrets that Democrats likely wanted to be kept away from the public. For instance, we now know that former President Barack Obama and fellow Democrats set out to destroy President Donald Trump.

Using their power for political purposes, the left was complicit in a wide variety of crimes, acting together as a single political-fueled entity. As if the entire ordeal wasn’t bad enough, we know now that the corruption rose to the very top with former President Barack Obama playing a direct role.

Making matters worse, we’re now learning that the only form of Russian-collusion during the 2016 campaign took place in Hillary Clinton’s camp. According to The Hill, FBI informant Douglas Campbell released a statement saying that “Moscow routed millions of dollars to America with the expectation it would be used to benefit Bill Clinton‘s charitable efforts while Secretary of State Hillary Clinton quarterbacked a ‘reset’ in U.S.-Russian relations.” In short, they paid her for a few political favors, a bribe, if you will — a big one.

Too bad for both Hillary and Russia, things were just made exponentially worse as even the rats are abandoning the ship today. In fact, Hillary Clinton just got dragged kicking and screaming into the mix — and she’s in big trouble after who just went missing from the Justice Department.

According to The Washington Post, “A Justice Department official who helped oversee the controversial probes of Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server and Russian interference in the 2016 election stepped down this week.” Although he’s citing “personal reasons,” not too many people are buying it, considering who the man is.

It’s David Laufman, and he is the chief of the National Security Division’s Counterintelligence and Export Control Section. Ironically, he had just taken over the position 3 years ago, but he was actually rumored to be a source of leaks coming out of Washington, D.C., and the next to go after former FBI Director James Comey was fired:

Laufman became a target of the far-right blogosphere, with conspiracy theorist Mike Cernovich accusing him last year of being the source of “national security leaks.” Cernovich’s claim, which Laufman’s colleagues have called baseless, surfaced after media reports detailed then-national security adviser Michael Flynn’s discussion of U.S. sanctions with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak.

The online attacks persisted for months. After Comey’s firing in May, Cernovich posted a piece titled “Will DOJ leaker David Laufman be next to leave after #Comey?”

Critics noted that Laufman had donated to Barack Obama’s presidential campaigns, referring to him as a “holdover.” [Source: The Washington Post]

Although he wasn’t personally fired by President Donald Trump, Laufman certainly was one of the next public officials to leave their position just as Cernovich had predicted. However, the news should be especially troublesome for Hillary Clinton.

“The timing of Laufman’s decision is sure to raise questions because of a Justice Department inspector general’s forthcoming report about the FBI and DOJ’s handling of the Clinton email investigation,” according to BizPac Review. “[Biased FBI agent Peter] Strzok’s texts were discovered during the court of that investigation.”

There is only one reason rats abandon ship, and that’s because they know it’s sinking. If ever there was a man with enough inside knowledge to know when to get out, it would be David Laufman. This boat is going down, and it’s going to take everyone with it. Stubbornness, in this case, contradicts self-preservation — and it looks like Laufman knows it.

The Democrat Party is in some serious trouble, but it looks like Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama may soon get the worst of it. Not only did the former President of the United States personally abuse his power to infringe on the rights of an American citizen, but Hillary Clinton was walking hand-in-hand with the Russians the entire time. Corruption and lies will be the undoing of the left, and even worse for them, it’s all about to come crashing down.

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