Hillary Clinton Boards Plane & Flees Country After Hearing Who’s Coming After Her Now

Hillary Boards Plane And Flees Country After Hearing Who’s Coming After Her Now
Hillary Clinton (left), a stock image for visual representation (right) (Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons/Gage Skidmore, Solitude)

Things aren’t looking good for Hillary Clinton these days, and losing the election is the least of her concerns. In fact, it seems that her life has taken such a bad turn that she most recently boarded a plane and fled the country – and it comes just days after hearing about who’s coming after her with a vengeance.

Mad World News previously reported that the Department of Justice has most recently reopened the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s misuse of classified information during her time as Secretary of State. Along with that, she was reportedly offered a plea deal, saying that the DOJ wouldn’t pursue criminal charges if she publicly admitted to her wrongdoing.

Of course, seeing how it’s been well over a month since that was offered and we’ve heard nothing, it’s safe to assume what her decision was regarding the plea. Furthermore, the Justice Department seemed to threaten an even broader investigation into the Clinton family, including their “pay-to-play” schemes involving their charity foundation.

As one would imagine, that kind of reality would be enough to send just about anyone into a panic – and that certainly seems to be the case for Hillary. According to Conservative Tribune, Hillary has since boarded a plane and left the country just days after the pending DOJ investigation was made public.

Failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and former U.S. President Bill Clinton will arrive in North Hatley, Que. this weekend for a vacation at a renowned five-star resort…

The Clintons are expected to arrive on Sunday, for a week-long stay at Manoir Hovey, a five-star boutique resort that was recently ranked the second-best in Canada by Travel and Leisure Magazine…

Their daughter, Chelsea, and her two children are also expected to be present for the getaway. [Source: CTV News]

Although there’s no way to determine whether the vacation was merely coincidental, that hasn’t stopped people from connecting what seem to be fairly obvious dots. In fact, people on social media ripped into her just after news broke of her seemingly spontaneous and suspiciously timed vacation:

The only thing that could make things appear any more suspicious than they already are is if the Obamas also made a “surprise” trip to the same resort. Of course, they would probably just say they stopped in to talk about the grandkids, just like Loretta Lynch “innocently” did with Bill Clinton during an investigation into his wife’s conduct.

Unfortunately for the Clintons, the next talk they have with the Attorney General might not go as smoothly as the last. Now, under orders from President Donald Trump – Hillary’s former opponent – one can only imagine what the carnage is going to look like.

Hopefully, Hillary Clinton is going down. We have a Department of Justice that’s once again refocused on actual justice. Whether this is her last vacation before jail time or a desperate attempt to flee before anything happens, we’ll just have to wait and see. However, one thing is for certain – the walls are closing in and Hillary has to be crapping in her adult diaper right about now.

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