Hillary Clinton Admits She’s ‘Ready To Come Out’ — Here’s What We Know

Pictured: A Saturday Night Live sketch mocks Hillary Clinton’s “low profile” status after her historic loss to Donald Trump; Hillary in her first speech since her loss to Trump (inset)

Twice-failed Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is showing her face in public more often as the sting of her election loss is wearing off. Emerging from the reclusive life she’s led since her devastating defeat, she admitted that she’s “ready to come out,” and thanks to little clues in a recent speech, we now know something about her plans for the future.

Hillary Clinton has spent much of her time in hiding since she lost the election last November to President Donald Trump. Many still continue to ponder how Hilary lost. After all, there were mounds of evidence showing election rigging, proof that Hillary rigs elections in other countries, and obvious election fraud, which heavily favored Hillary.

Even after all of the nonsense that the criminal Democrat put us through during the election, she is still going to try to tell us how great she is by “coming out.” Hillary’s idea has been to slowly put herself back in the public eye so that she can potentially run for mayor of New York City or against Donald Trump for the presidency once again in 2020. Unfortunately for her, she just sounds like she’s desperately trying to stay relevant.

During a St. Patrick’s Day speech in Scranton, Pennsylvania, Hillary let loose, claiming that she’s “ready to help Americans find common ground.” However, common ground went out the window the second Barack Obama was elected and began running the country like a dictator, refusing to work with Republicans. Nonetheless, Hillary leans on her friends during this time of desperation. “I’m like a lot of my friends right now, I have a hard time watching the news,” Hillary told an Irish women’s group.

Friday night’s speech was one of several she is to deliver in the coming months, including a May 26 commencement address at her alma mater, Wellesley College in Massachusetts. The Democrat also is working on a book of personal essays that will include some reflections on her loss to Donald Trump. [Source: USA TODAY]

Don’t hold your breath, thinking Hillary’s book will amount to her humbling herself, though. Knowing it caused her election demise, she’s trying to sound more presidential now than she did six months ago when it would have actually behooved her to be presidential. She claims that she’s ready to “come out of the woods” so that Americans can work together to get things done.

I am ready to come out of the woods and to help shine a light on what is already happening around kitchen tables, at dinners like this, to help draw strength that will enable everybody to keep going,” Hillary pandered. However, the only thing she’s willing to do if find a different rhetoric, one she hopes will see her presidential dreams come to fruition.

Most agree that this speech is just more evidence that Hillary Clinton intends to run against Donald Trump again in 2020 and try to snag the presidency from him. Although Hillary’s appearance still doesn’t scream, “I’m healthy,” her speeches seem to take on some slightly less angry and hate-filled rhetoric than what she displayed the last few months before the election.

She’s taking a different angle this time around, by slowing injecting herself back into the lives of everyday Americans before she tries to convince the populace to vote to give her power once again. Luckily, most of us wish that she would just stay in the woods instead of coming out of hiding with attempts to assure us that she’s somehow not the criminal Democrat that we all remember all too well. If she does run in 2020, she’s only ensuring Trump secures an easy victory.

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