Hillary Fanatic Skips Work For ‘Day Without A Woman’ & Lives To REGRET It

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Hillary Supporter Skips Work For 'Day Without Women' And Lives To Regret It
Hillary Clinton (left) supporters skipped work this week for “Day Without A Woman” protests (stock, right).

One liberal feminist, who unsurprisingly is a Hillary Clinton fanatic, is learning to “be careful what she wishes for.” After skipping work for the “Day Without A Woman” protests, she’s quickly regretting her decision after she made a wish while karma was watching, and it came true in brutal fashion.

Many are confused about the “Day Without A Woman” event. Some thought that it was just another title for yet another protest. One twitter user described the intent of the event well:

The key point is listed above as item #1: “Take the day off.” The implication is that women should skip work to somehow teach the world a lesson, something along the lines of, “life is worse without women.” In theory, a woman could burn a vacation day to protest, though that does seem a bit less rebellious.

One Hillary Clinton supporter, who describes herself as “Pantsuit Aficionado,” allegedly decided to skip work to participate in the protest, then she made the mistake of returning to work the next day to confront her female boss who was less than supportive of her absence. Take a look:

This woman has an obvious confrontational attitude. When confronted by her boss about missing work, she responded by telling her that “if she (the boss) gave a sh*t about women’s issues, she’d be more supportive of my decision,” which was obviously not a great reply. When the supervisor suggested that she was “unable to act like an adult and take responsibility” for her own actions, the discussion unsurprisingly escalated.

To make matters worse, there were customers within earshot of the conversation, and they joined the argument. Clearly, no business owner would want this kind of ruckus to occur in the workplace, especially in front of customers. So, the woman was asked to leave and to not return.

Apparently, the woman worked at a restaurant of some sort, as she wants to return and stage a protest out front. She also puts out a request for leads on a replacement job. Perhaps her strategy is sound, as it is possible that someone of like mind would hire her. She is in liberal Southern California, after all.

The entire event raises a pertinent question, though. Which action serves women better: skipping work and protesting or going to work and doing a good job? Clearly, this liberal feminist’s supervisor believes that going to work is a better call, and we couldn’t agree more.

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