WATCH: Hillary Must Be Furious After What Laughing CNN Panel Said On Live TV

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Although Hillary Clinton thinks that she’ll still get sympathy for whining about her election loss, that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore. In fact, the once presidential hopeful has to be downright furious these days as her former supporters have since turned the tables – and that was proven by what a laughing CNN panel just said on live television.

WATCH: Hillary Must Be Furious After What Laughing CNN Panel Just Let Slip On Live TV
Members of a CNN panel (left, right) Hillary Clinton (center) (Photo Credit: Screenshot/YouTube, captiandonn and chuckroste/Wikimedia Commons)

Reports are circulating after a Democrat voter has said that they wish Hillary would “just shut the f*ck up and go away,” according to BizPac Review. Of course, it seems that this sentiment is only growing after the incessant whining that has taken place after the election.

With Hillary finding everyone else to blame but herself for her own failures, it seems that her complaining has reached a boiling point – and now, not even her supporters want to hear it anymore. Unfortunately for her, things have only gotten worse after a few CNN panelists got together to talk about her book tour.

For those unaware, Hillary has most recently released a book titled What Happened, in which she tries to explain how her campaign failed. However, all she really managed to do was find countless other people to blame for her own shortcomings.

Of course, now that she’s out of a job, she’s having to find other ways to fund her lifestyle and is now taking her book on “tour” in hopes of raising awareness and thus filling her pockets. Along with that, she’s charging people a whopping $750 just to take a picture with her during one of her appearances.

As it turns out, CNN may have realized something that not too many other people were able to put together. Oddly enough, they would later mock Hillary on live television in a way that would surely leave her furious if she had seen it.

According to The American Mirror, a leftist panel got together to talk about Hillary’s book tour and noticed something rather strange about her schedule. Come to find out, she’s visiting Michigan and Wisconsin – two battleground states of the 2016 election that she didn’t see fit to visit during her campaign, according to Politico.

After pointing it out, the CNN panel couldn’t help but have a little fun with the irony of it all:

“Really?” he asked sarcastically three times.

“Finally she gets out there and sees some of Trump country,” a panelist replied to awkward laughs.

“I guess that’s a little mean, but it’s just a fact, maybe if she had been in Michigan and Wisconsin during the campaign, but we’ll leave that for another day,” [host John] King added. [Source: The American Mirror]

Of course, it was because of this reality that she lost those states by showing residents there exactly how much she cared about them. In the end, Donald Trump campaigned for an electoral college win, and it paid off. Hillary, on the other hand, showed America what the next 4 years would look like and was justifiably punished for it.

Hillary can try to blame whoever she wants for her loss, but the fault actually falls at her feet alone. Currently, America is getting a good look at exactly why a Hillary presidency would have been horrible for this country. We need a leader – not someone who blames everyone else for their own failures. And, definitely not someone who ignores Americans until she wants something from them.