Here’s Where Hillary’s Been HIDING, Doing 1 THING That Will Blow Your Mind

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Hillary Clinton (left) has been silent on Donald Trump for one big reason. Hillary was spotted recently (right) coming out of a restaurant with assistance, where she dined with her husband Bill Clinton and Hollywood liberal nutjob Ted Danson.

Hillary Clinton has been laying low, out of the spotlight altogether. Many are saying she’s sick while others are claiming she’s plotting her next move in politics. One former aide who knows the Clintons better than anyone else just spilled the beans on Hillary, revealing where she’s hiding, and he also told the American people about the one thing she is doing, proving she knows that she is guilty of crimes. This will blow your mind.

Dick Morris, the longtime Clinton family adviser, knows Bill and Hillary better than anyone. Morris helped Bill win the White House, and then, after years with them, he resigned. He turned the tables on the Clintons, becoming a vocal critic, and he knows exactly why Hillary has been on the down-low since she lost.

“We can deduce what’s going on in the Justice Department because Hillary hasn’t barked. In effect since inauguration day, or really since Election Day she [Hillary] has conceded the leadership of the Democratic party to Barack Obama, who continues to lead it from the grave, or at least from exile,” said Morris.

He continued, “You would expect she and Bill and her minions, Cheryl Mills, Huma Abedin, John Podesta, would all be out there ripping Trump apart, attacking his every move, exploiting all of the openings given to them by the biased journalistic media, and God knows the media would have given them any coverage they wanted because they are so biased. But, yet, you don’t hear anything, sounds of silence. Hillary and Bill don’t say anything about Donald Trump.”

Morris then contemplates the possible motives for Hillary and Bill to stay silent on Trump. He says the first possibility is “politeness and decorum,” but Morris quickly discounts that, laughing. Next, he comes to the only sensible reason the Clintons are laying low and keeping their mouths shut.

Morris says, “She is scared to death of being indicted. That she and all of her people are in the bull’s eye of the Clinton Foundation investigation and the secret email investigation and they are not going to rile Donald Trump into stimulating those investigations.”

Morris brings up how everyone from the Clinton camp has stayed away from taking about President Trump, and he’s right, there is only one reason the Clintons and their minions would do this — Hillary has given them a “stand down” order. She’s so guilty of so many crimes, including Benghazi, having a private email server, having it hacked by foreign governments, and pay to play with the Clinton Foundation as well as the numerous suspicious deaths surrounding her and Bill.

There has been a big pause in anything related to Hillary being held accountable, but one man, Jeff Sessions, might just change all that. Although Sessions, as our new Attorney General, has excluded himself for reasons of bias from taking part in Clinton investigations, the fact he mentioned the Clinton Foundation has said it all.

Mr. Sessions said his comments during the presidential campaign about possible criminal wrongdoing by Mrs. Clinton with her secret email setup and alleged pay-to-play dealing of the Clinton Foundation as secretary of state “could place my objectivity in question.” [via Washington Times]

“I believe the proper thing for me to do would be to recuse myself from any questions involving those kinds of investigations that involve Secretary Clinton,” Sessions said during more than eight hours of questioning before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Hillary can lay low all she wants. We all know there are thousands of criminal acts she can be found guilty of, and here’s hoping AG Sessions will do just that. Ongoing investigations are happening, and no amount of keeping her big mouth shut about Trump will change the facts. The American people who value real justice are still waiting to see Hillary behind bars.

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