Hillary Tells Disgusting Lie About Disabled Girl, Gets Nasty Surprise

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During her big speech at the Democratic National Convention with millions of Americans watching, Hillary Clinton told a story about how, as a young lawyer, she turned down the big bucks to help a poor disabled girl in a small Massachusetts town. However, the town’s mayor just gave Hillary a nasty surprise that she will not soon forget.

Stock image of girl in wheelchair (left), Hillary Clinton (right)

As a pathological liar, Hillary can’t help herself, but recently, her arrogance was unmatched as she told a whopping lie about a disabled girl, living in New Bedford, Massachusetts. During Hillary’s acceptance speech at the DNC Thursday night, she claimed, “I went to work for the Children’s Defense Fund, going door-to-door in New Bedford, Massachusetts, on behalf of children with disabilities who were denied the chance to go to school.”

Hillary said this inspiration to do charitable work came to her from her mother, who taught her the Methodist faith. She added that instead of going to work for a lucrative law firm, she chose this low paying job so she could give back to the community. That part is a lie. The truth is, Hillary didn’t pass the bar exam the first time, so she had to leave the high-paying firm that she was working at in Washington, DC and take this low paying job. She finally passed the bar exam the second time in Arkansas.

However, that is not the worst lie Hillary told as she shared that particular story. She went on to lie about a disabled girl. Hillary’s continued:

“I remember meeting a young girl in a wheelchair on the small back porch of her house. She told me how badly she wanted to go to school — it just didn’t seem possible in those days. And I couldn’t stop thinking of my mother and what she’d gone through as a child.

“It became clear to me that simply caring is not enough. To drive real progress, you have to change both hearts and laws. You need both understanding and action. So, we gathered facts. We built a coalition. And our work helped convince Congress to ensure access to education for all students with disabilities.” [via Gateway Pundit]

Unfortunately for Hillary, a local New Bedford radio station knows the mayor from 1973. His name is John “Jack” Markey, and he is an 81-year-old life-long Democrat with a great memory. So, the station contacted him about Hillary’s poor disabled girl story, and he said it’s a total lie made out of whole cloth.

Hillary Clinton at Yale (left), Hillary with Bill Clinton (right)

Mayor John “Jack” Markey told Chris McCarthy of WBSM 1420AM in Massachusetts that back in 1973, New Bedford had a budget for vans and other services for disabled students. In fact, Mayor Markey remembers being compelled to learn more about wheelchair-bound students after a paraplegic citizen challenged him. The former mayor said:

“I actually spent an entire day in 1973 in a wheelchair to better understand the challenges they face everyday. Soon after that, we were cutting out sidewalks for wheelchairs and doing things in New Bedford before the laws ever compelled us to.” [via WBSM]

So, in New Bedford in 1973, vans were already taking disabled kids to school. Therefore, there was no need to “build a coalition.” New Bedford was already doing the improvements to accommodate handicapped folks, proving Hillary is lying about getting something passed in congress for disabled people. Again, here is Hillary, making up a whole story of lies just so Americans will think she is a true humanitarian.

While it’s easy to believe she’s just a liar, there might be more to the story. Maybe Hillary’s brain isn’t working 100%. Maybe she doesn’t remember much of anything. Hillary’s right-hand woman, Huma Abedin, wrote in an email that Hillary is often confused. Judicial Watch obtained an email between Hillary’s aides Human Abedin and Monica Hanley:

Abedin: Have you been going over her calls with her? So she knows Singh is at 8? [India Prime Minister Manmohan Singh]

Hanley: She was in bed for a nap by the time I heard that she had an 8am call. Will go over with her

Abedin: Very imp (important) to do that. She’s often confused.

This was in 2013, so who knows how bad her mind is now. It’s no wonder Hillary does not hold press conferences where anything can be asked. She would have to actually give off the cuff responses. This is different than interviews, where questions are submitted in advance, or debates, where she can memorize answers to the obvious questions she will be asked.

Even if her mind is going, Hillary is also truth challenged, and I don’t think there is any help or coalition that can fix that. She is propped up by her team of staffers and has her talking points memorized. Just like her answer, “What difference does it make?” That statement made during the Benghazi hearings says it all. Hillary is unfit to lead anybody anywhere.

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