Hillary Caught In Sickening Moment Seconds After Losing Election To Trump

Hillary Caught In Sickening Moment Seconds After Losing Election To Trump
Hillary Clinton and her motorcade outside of her Election Night HQ in Manhattan

One of the most controversial campaigns in America’s history has come to a victorious end, but the debauchery isn’t over for Hillary Clinton, who can’t take the news that she lost an election she thought she had in the bag. With each state turning red as results trickled in last night, Hillary couldn’t control herself when she was caught in a sickening moment seconds after losing.

Hillary no longer has to pretend to be someone she isn’t, and the second she realized her run was done, she removed her mask and showed the country who she really is, further validating that Americans made the right decision in dumping her on Tuesday night. Humiliated by her own demise, Hillary set the record as the first losing presidential candidate in history to not give a concession speech, but what she did instead made it worse.

The sore loser didn’t stick around for a second as she immediately left to go home to lick her wounds and sent her scandal-ridden campaign chairman John Podesta in her place to address the public for her. Instead of pulling her big girl pantsuit up, congratulating her opponent and thanking her campaign donors and supporters, she couldn’t face President-elect Donald Trump in person and conceded by phone in the comfort of her own safe space.

Knowing that Hillary stuck it to him in the last second, Trump handled it with respect to her and didn’t take a cheap shot in his speech when he had the chance even though she forced him to concede for her in his own victory speech.

Trump didn’t just win last night — truth prevailed over her lies and deceit throughout the election, and ultimately, America won. Conservatives now have control of the House, the Senate, and the presidency, and we are in for a revolution that’s been eight years in the making.

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