Hillary Fears Melania Trump, Demands Bill Not Do ONE Simple Thing At Debate

Hillary Clinton is freaking out behind the scenes as she prepares for the third and final presidential debate. Reports from many news agencies say she is scared of Melania Trump and what may happen tonight. Hillary’s paranoia is setting in, and you’ll love how she is going nuts and ordering Bill Clinton around like a child, demanding that he avoids doing one simple thing.

Hillary Clinton (left), Bill Clinton & Melania Trump (right)

Hillary has made it an issue not to shake Donald Trump’s hand before the debates, going against her campaign’s advice. She seems like a child who is not mature enough to shake hands with a competitor, and now, she is so paranoid about all of the optics, she is in a frenzy, making it clear that Bill will not shake Melania Trump’s hand before the debate tonight. All this does is confirm that Hillary’s neurotic behavior is truly on the level of low-class trash.

According to New York Times, “At previous debates, former President Bill Clinton has shaken the hand of Melania Trump — and sometimes the hands of the children of Donald J. Trump — as part of the pre-debate protocol. The new arrangement calls for the candidates’ spouses to enter the hall closer to their seats, rather than crossing the room, and each other’s paths.”

The title of the article is “At Previous Debates, Melania Trump and Bill Clinton Shook Hands. Not Anymore.” Shaking hands before presidential debates goes back to the beginning of debates in this country, so leave it to Hillary to break tradition to make some point that only she alone knows.

Melania Trump & Bill Clinton

The liberal rags are also saying that Hillary’s reasoning for eliminating the handshaking by anyone before the debate is because she is scared that Donald Trump is going to pull some stunt. What stunt? Maybe Trump will have one of the old time comedian buzzers and Hillary will get a real shock when she shakes his hand? All of this demonstrates Hillary’s paranoia, proving she is mentally unfit to be president.

Perhaps the obvious problem is that Hillary thinks Bill is kind of senile and may grope Melania in front of 80 million viewers. Whatever is in her diseased brain, I doubt anyone can really figure it out, but it’s very telling that she is focusing on really ridiculous non-issues.

This one small slight, of not shaking hands, shows her inability to focus on important issues. Instead, she is consumed with Melania Trump making physical contact with Bill. That is Hillary, and that is why the Middle East is on fire and men died in Benghazi — all she thinks about is how things appear to the outside world and to hell with making sure Americans are safe, no matter how it makes her look in the end.

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