Hillary Attempts To Mock Trump, Instantly Regrets It When ‘Pence’ Fires Back

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 Hillary Attempts To Mock Trump, Instantly Regrets It When Pence Fires Back
Hillary Clinton (left) attempted to mock President Donald Trump, pictured with Vice President Mike Pence (right), but would soon regret opening her big mouth.

It’s no secret that Hillary Clinton despises President Donald Trump for obvious reason, such as the brutal beating he gave her in the election. Although Hillary claims to be the “good sport,” who goes high when they go low, she never misses an opportunity to mock Trump. However, after her most recent outburst, she was left instantly regretting what she said when she was quickly shut down in the most epic way possible.

After the 9th circuit court of appeals voted 3-0 to end Trump’s executive order, temporarily banning travel from countries known to breed terror, Hillary Clinton saw an opportunity to rub Trump’s nose in the defeat that she just couldn’t ignore. In fact, with just three characters, she thought she finally put him in his place as she simply tweeted “3-0.”

However, her victory dance was short lived as soon as the Twitter fan page for Vice President Mike Pence fired back with a few simple numbers of their own that undoubtedly left her regretting the fact that she ever opened her mouth:

Without hesitation, the Twitter fan account for Mike Pence put Hillary in her place. Responding to her horrible attempt to mock our Commander-in-Chief, the account tweeted, “Actually it is 306-232.”

Unfortunately for Hillary, the Twitter lashing didn’t end there as the account’s next brutal tweet, just minutes later, read, “Yup. House, Senate, and White House,” obviously referring to her “3-0” remark.

Considering Hillary was pouting for months after she lost the election against Donald Trump, there’s no doubt these statements, reminding her of her epic failure, infuriated her. Not only was she reminded of one of the worst nights of her life as her presidential dreams were crushed once again, but it was also implied that Republicans regained control of the House and Senate — something she would have had to deal with even if she had won the presidency.

Perhaps it’s time the old lady finally retires and keeps her nose out of politics for the rest of her life. It seems the only thing she succeeds at anymore is embarrassing herself.